IT JUST HAPPENED! Unruly Dem Commits SICK Act Against Trump, Gives USA the Middle Finger


There’s dumb, then there’s downright idiotic.

Texas Rep. Al Green would fit into the latter category. (Yes, he’s a Democrat – as if you couldn’t put two and two together.)

Why is Green so nutty?

He just introduced articles of legislation to impeach President Trump. Is this guy for real?

The left cannot comprehend that Trump won because of Barack Obama’s failed foreign and domestic policies, not to mention his willingness to ignite racial tension. Instead, they choose to ignore while pleading ignorance.

From Fox News:

Liberal Democratic Rep. Al Green on Wednesday followed through on threats to file articles of impeachment against President Trump, introducing the resolution in the House while delivering an anti-Trump tirade on the floor.

The Texas congressman’s maneuver was short-lived. While Green could have forced a vote as early as Wednesday, he opted not to take further action and the articles effectively expired.

However, Green could reintroduce the measure at any time, and a spokesman for the lawmaker told Fox News he may do so.

Green said, “Today, I rise to use the constitutionally prescribed political process of impeachment to speak truth to the most powerful man on earth, the president of the United States of America.”

Green, while wasting his breath, says Trump is betraying “his trust as president” because he’s a racist. Could that be any farther from the truth?

Nope. Not a chance.

Green added, “The public has been led to believe that a president must commit a crime to be impeached, which is not true. If any president persisted with the lie that ‘Hitler was right,’ he would be, and should be, impeached not for a crime, but for betraying his trust as president.”


Liberals like Al Green are everything that’s wrong with America and there’s no two ways around it. Are you fed up? Then SHOW IT by commenting and sharing. Maybe then DC will get the message!


  1. Green is a racist. and he has failed as a congressman, he signed Obama care. with out reading or researching it. and now millions of people are suffering for it. he supported Obama as he violated the law and the constitution. and he did nothing, he failed to do his job as a congressman and as an American, he is nothing but a racist publicity hound, his oath of office, the promise he took to protect the people of this nation. he has spit upon. and he is a criminal and not a legal congressman any longer he is a felon.

  2. I am fed up with these racist blacks like Al Green and Shelia Jackson Lee. These two idiots that represent black communities in Houston are just idiots. They are lazy making money from politics. They have no,agenda . They rather scream racial identifies when the truth of the matter blacks have a majority of local jobs here in the area. Example jobs , post office jobs here in Houston are mostly blacks, metro bus drivers are mostly blacks, local hospital work here are,mostly blacks, I could go on an eternity.. So this Al Green needs to do what he was elected for rather than show his frustration that his candidate Hillary lost . He is a prime example of stupidity. Racist, arrogant, idiotic, fool sho will not do his work. He uis the racist .

    • I am not from Texas but I’m assuming you are. How about adding Maxine Waters to the list of black racists, even though she’s from CA? The biggest racists are the ones that are constantly accusing those that don’t believe in their ideology as racists. Since Obama, the race card has been used more often. He started this hatred. The crimes and the hate groups have increased or have been created since Obama was voted as Pres. in 2008. I was not raised nor have I lived my life as a racist. I like or love people by who they are inside. It’s really hard to not be bitter over the accusations in today’s world. This is Bob’s wife.

      • Wrangle is another one. Maybe we need to start vetting the candidates for government jobs to make sure they are not racists.

  3. I am very ashamed that this criminal-looking Congress critter can even be serving in Congress from my State of Texas. Where do the Democrats find people like him to elect. It just brings down the quality of Congress critters even more. We are paying for this crook’s salary?! What is our country coming to with such a corrupt Dem-rat party?

  4. He is an idiot and needs to be gone…in fact he needs to get out of Texas. I feel sorry for the people who voted this nut in

  5. This guy, Green, is so incompetent, he measures up to divider-in-chief BHO. He should be targeted for defeat in 2018. Let him go back to his garbage pickup job. All he is doing right now is spewing out his garbage on the floor of the House–what a shame. He is a very poor example of an American.

  6. Green is incompetent racist. He has not accomplished or done anything in the house to help his people or the American people for that matter. He is the one who should be drummed out of the House of Reps.

    • As wewll as some other states being ashamed of the morons we have to put up with in Pelosi, Waters, Warren, Feinstein, Jackson Lee. they do not represent their people – they represent themselves.

  7. Another one with TDS Trump Derangement Syndrome! Still has not accepted the fact that Trump won! God get a grip he has committed NO Crime he is Far from Racist! You people just don’t like him! Well sorry you are melting down and have lost your democratic power but you are just gonna have to go see a therapist or some coloring books and crayons! Maybe idk but you people have wore out your race card our eyes just glaze over every time we are accused of that!

  8. I think Al Green is a stupid Idiot.Don’t give a dam where he is from.People like him is what is wrong with our USA now.How does IDIOTS Like him get elected

  9. There’s only one way that DC will get the message. The PEOPLE must vote out all the leftist Democrat bureaucrat idiots. They will not listen any other way.

  10. Al Green is not an idiot he is just following the diminishing role of Democrats in public government.

    They have lied to the public for over 150 years. For some strange reason they are trying to destroy America’s Constitutional free enterprise form of government of late…since the 1940’s at least.

    Obama tried to destroy America for 8 years. The American people finally woke up but the Republican Party has not. We they American people need to need to get behind President Trump or we are a lost Republic.

    One of our Founding Fathers, Benjamin Franklin stated “We have given you a Republic if you can keep it.”

    Our Founding Fathers created our Judeo-Christian Republic let us not let our Congressional Representatives and the Judicial Branch destroy it.

  11. All the demos should be put away for all the lies they have been spreading around. I truly wish they would get rid of the lot of them…AND CLEAN THE SWAMP!

  12. Can someone like this be sued for blatant racism, slander & pay such huge fine & compensation /damages to President, so Big that he (Green) will have to work for a living? Not enjoy benefits at taxpayers deceived expense. Only the deceived could vote such a piece of “demon possessed human” , for lack of better description!

  13. Green is a racist and he hates Trump. I am not racist, but I know Green is an idiot. He, like his friends, are angry his ” freebie giving” Dumbocrats are not in power and the non-politician comes in and makes everything good. They can stop the ” poor me ” speech, WE DON’T GIVE A DAMN. WE SUFFERED FOR 8 YEARS WITH THE WORST PRESIDENT EVER. FREEBIE DAYS ARE OVER, GET OVER IT.

  14. The POTUS still has my trust. I’m actually relieved Mr Trump won. It’s scary to think where we would be had Mrs Clinton won the election.

  15. Al Green go somewhere, sit down , and shut up until you can get the hatred out of your heart and make rash decisions. You are of no service to your state with the hate you carry.


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