JUST IN: Vegas Shooter Traveled to Middle East MULTIPLE Times, But That’s NOT the Worst Part…


More and more news keeps coming in surrounding the life of Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock.

We already know the 64-year-old’s father was once on the FBI’s Most Wanted list for escaping prison. His brother, Eric, says Stephen was a retired multi-millionaire. The Islamic State has taken “credit” for the shooting. Also, nearly two dozen rifles were found in Paddock’s hotel room.

Now, people are wondering if Paddock had an accomplice. For example, there was a cell phone charger found in his room at the Mandalay Bay that DID NOT fit his phone, per NBC News:

Investigators are trying to nail down whether anyone else was in the hotel suite reserved by the Las Vegas gunman during the time he was registered there, multiple senior law enforcement officials briefed on the investigation into the shooting told NBC News.

The investigators are puzzled by two discoveries: First, a charger was found that does not match any of the cell phones that belonged to Stephen Paddock, the man who killed himself inside the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino after sending a barrage of bullets down on a crowd of 22,000 people below.

Also, Paddock vacationed on over 20 cruises – some of them went to Muslim-dominated nations like Jordan and UAE, per CNN:

Las Vegas (CNN)In addition to his frequent forays into casinos and gun shops, Las Vegas strip killer Stephen Paddock took 20 cruises, many of them in Europe and the Middle East, investigators have learned.

The cruises included stops at ports in Spain, Italy, Greece, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates, according to information provided by a law enforcement source who asked not to be identified because the source was not authorized to share information about the investigation. Paddock’s girlfriend, Marilou Danley, accompanied him on nine of the cruises.

There’s also a report swirling that Paddock’s suite was accesed using his key AFTER his car left the hotel garage, per Gateway Pundit:

The hotel suite of Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock was accessed after his car left the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino’s garage area.

But wait, there’s more…

WOW. So much we still don’t know.


  1. I never do this but my gut feeling won’t stop screaming for me to say something to anyone who might listen. I worked at 1 time at the most prestigious hotel on the strip for about 10 years in guess what department, security. I worked long enough to get the prime job of eye in the sky and marlock computer anylist. Sounds better than it was reading that. I have so many unanswered questions about this shooting and where and how it took place i could write a pamplet. Plus weird as this sounds and coincidental or delusional i rented a room last year from a woman in las vegas that looks exactly like the alleged shooters girlfriend or her twin. Different name though. There was a male renting another room for the last 5 years or more but they weren’t together or so they thought they were convincing me. His job description disturbed me so much i called where he worked-was right they told me to call the police immediately. I called the police said they would check him out. I got a call back telling me to move immediately they were gonna do something so i moved immediately. Nothing on the news nothing. The shooter does not look like the other renter but could know him. Don’t know anything more than that. Working hotel security plus the girl friends picture plus the suicide. Not buying any of it. Not a word.

  2. With all the security in these casino hotels and such , there has to be a whole lot of things that isn’t being said. Who entered the room when he was shown leaving when the valet brought up his car, who entered his room right after and who left right after ?? Smells way to fishy !! Another false flag ??

  3. Plus, why were the bright lights kept ON while everyone was being shot like fish in a barrell, then once the shooting was over and people were trying to help others, they were plunged into total darkness? Just sayin’

  4. I read an article about how he was suppose to be working with the FBI on a Sting Operation with some Terriosts & they found him out; killed him & went on with the planned Shooting!! Kind of like the Mexican Gun Deal with Obama’s ATG that went wrong??? Just don’t know who can be trusted

  5. With all of the lying coming out of the government and the government being as corrupt as it is, the government is somehow involved in this as we all know they been doing everything they can to disarm the American people. Why would the sky have two dozen rifles in his room when he couldn’t of shop more than one I’ve met a time. Notice the media right away is talk about all the guns he had. I totally believe the government is involved in this for the purpose of attacking more gun control which means gun confiscation in the end. All I know was the American people are on the script government and they were not going to take our guns like they did the American Indian and then they slaughtered the American Indian and then they put the rest on reservation and that’s exactly what they want to do with us. Read agenda 21 . I just heard them on the radio talking about the FBI carpets getting some cell phones from people who were there who had photos and stuff and a couple of those people who had the cell phones in the photos wound up dead the next day can you imagine that?

  6. I like to know how he shot himself-a headshot where in the head, torso where on the torso. did he

    use a handgun, rifle and models of the weapons.

  7. So, if these new tidbits are true….and who knows? Then they are stating that the FBI saysthat at one point his garage droveout of the valet parking AND his room was accessed by his key…At the same time? That would say that there was an accomplice…

  8. His cruise ports of call are not terrorist nations. This case is filled with leaked useless information. Someone needs to get a wrap on this crap…very unprofessional. Starting to play out like O J Simpson.


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