KILLSHOT: Every NFL Owner Just Agreed to do One Thing to END Anthem Kneeling for Good

Source: Associate Press

Over a year ago NFL players started kneeling during the National Anthem following Collin Kaepernick’s desperate attempt to stay relevant after his failing career.

Fast forward one year and almost every single team has now kneeled for the Anthem and America is pi$$ed. People are burning jerseys and their viewership is down over 30%. Something NEEDED to be done.

NFL spokesman Joe Lockhart just announced that the owners of every NFL team will all be meeting next week to decide on a new rule to BAN Anthem Kneeling across the entire league.

Now, this is where things get a bit tricky. There is a rule in the NFL, written in 2007, that requires every player to be on the field during the anthem. Before that, it was okay for some to stay in the locker rooms. The rule reads:

 “[Players’ f]ailure to be on the field by the start of the National Anthem may result in discipline, such as fines, suspensions, and/or the forfeiture of draft choice(s) for violations of the above, including first offenses.”

So, clearly, this is not a simple issue of leaving the kneelers in the locker room. At the same time, our Anthem deserves respect and is worth fighting for.

Luckily, America has won this fight with the NFL and proven patriotism and equality beat divisive actions every single time. If you think the NFL needs to ban Anthem Kneeling, spread this around and let them know it.


  1. NO kneeling no “black power” fists at all on the field! No political statements on the field at all. Play the freaking game AFTER you honor the flag and anthem!

  2. yes, now they care because they are losing money. That’s the only reason they are now going to try to fix it. Not buying that they care about our flag and anthem.

    • I agree Faye. It’s much too little way too large and for all the wrong reasons. Wouldn’t be nice to live in a country where sports, well any business with a bottom line, cared more about what is right and less about enhancing the bottom line?

  3. Technology and the internet are destroying the MSM and major league sports isn’t exempt. Entertainment is unlimited and all the old and new stuff is available. Major league sports is also part of the swamp like much of the MSM and their associates.

  4. A meeting’. Why? The written law is there. Period. Fire them. There are plenty of loyal players just as good or better itching to play.

  5. Too LATE no more NFL in this house owners are only doing not because it’s the right thing to but to not lose money, again too late

  6. Right hand across the heart, no fist in the air and no locked arms. No helmets on or hats.
    I’m tired of all the disrespectful things they’ve been coming up with just to see if they could get by with it.

  7. Yes we are all upset with Roger Goodell not enforcing his NFL rules on respecting the flag. They had better fire or suspend the players that do not wish to do this or replace our NFL COMMISSIONER. Find one that will enforce the rules. He had no problem enforcing the rules with TOM BRADY even though no proof he did anything wrong. If more players had his attitude regarding playing and following rules it would be a much better league.


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