Kimmel Says 6 DEPLORABLE Words to the President, Then Trump Jr. KNOCKS Him Out Cold

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Jimmy Kimmel, just like literally every other late night TV talk show host – Fallon, Corden, Meyers, Noah – is a far left liberal bully.

He knows absolutely nothing about which he speaks when it comes to politics.

Lately, Kimmel has become overtly political. He has taken on all topical subjects, such as gun control. This would be fine is Kimmel were just trying to be funny.

But he’s not.

He’s deliberately pushing the progressive agenda – even taking his talking points from Rep. Chuck Schumer (D-NY).

Early this morning, President Trump tweeted about his disgust for late night shows that belittle him and his administration…

That’s when Kimmel shot back at 45…

You should quit that boring job,” Kimmel writes. What a smug jerk!

Then, Donald Trump Jr. shot back with a perfect tweet. He told Kimmel to spend some time joking about his Hollywood pal Harvey Weinstein, who has recently been accused by eight different women of sexual harrassment…

Kimmel responded as a child might…

BOOOOM!!! Kimmel had nothing!


Trump Jr. FOR THE WIN! If you’re tired of Hollywood liberals like Whiny Jimmy Kimmel SHARE 10,000 times to expose his IGNORANCE!

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  1. With all the different issues on the news, there should be more lighthearted humor that is not accusatory so that we can laugh. Ramona Jeannine

  2. I feel sorry for Jimmy Kimmels live audience. Hope the tickets are free. They think they are in for some goodhearted comedy and all they get is a political lecture. Keep your mouth shut! Stop talking about things that don’t affect you and that you know nothing about. Last week it was Obamacare. Your health insurance is provided by ABC. This week its gun control while you have armed security protecting you. So SHUT UP!

    • ahat. Perhaps because no one really wants to listen to them. Take them off the air – they add nothing to the entertainment on tv. They are ignorant fools; AND THEY AE NOT FUNNY.

  3. there is a world of difference about talking in locker room which I bet Kimmell has done than actually doing. If Kimmel were not so utterly stupid he would know that. Maybe kimmel you should ask your wife “honey, which would you perferr someone talking to another man in locker room or would you preferr to be sexually attacked by serial rapist? Unless he did it to you mr kimmel your are blowing crapp out of both sides of your mouth.


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