LAST STRAW: Hollywood Just Took the ONLY Thing Harvey Weinstein Had Left

Source: Bazaar Daily News

Just when the world thought Harvey Weinstein had hit rock bottom, the people of Hollywood found one more thing to take away from the sick pervert.

He had already been fired from his movie company. His wife has filed for divorce from him. The US Justice Department made him cancel his ‘rehab’ in Europe in case he fled. All he had left was his Chair on the board for the Oscars.

NOT ANYMORE—>Last night the¬†Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences finally decided to expel Weinstein from their board.

The move came just hours after British actress Lysette Anthony came out and detailed a time Weinstein allegedly RAPED her. Apparently, the first dozen allegations against the producer and his admittance to many of them were not enough to make them kick the guy.

Yeah, sure, it’s good that they finally cut him off but why the hell did it take them so long? Last week nobody on the left would say a bad word about Harvey. They are all guilty of covering for him – The film Academy, famous actors and producers, even Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

We cannot let them sweep this under the rug and pretend like it didn’t happen. Weinstein was the KINGPIN of the Democrats in Hollywood and the absolute money man for a lot of their little political games.

Let’s hold them all accountable by making sure everyone sees this for themselves.


  1. Pulled a nice tubby plug from the bottom of the swamp. Maybe help it to drain a little faster as the libs finally turn on each other.

  2. This will all go away soon since most of the Networks and other media all love this vile pile of crap. Once all the souls destroyed by him come forward and are heard they will be forgotten and he will get back into everyone’s favor with his money. See that is all they care about is MONEY. He has it they want it. Once their money is gone or they have a movie they want made needs it they will allow him back in and all his vile acts will be ignored. That is just how Hollyweird works. That and the IGNORANCE of LIBERALISM both let EVIL win just look at Slick Willie a sleaze and now no one thinks ill of him they just wanted the Money the Clinton Foundation could funnel their way.


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