Libs ATTACK “Walking Dead” Actor for Pro-Cop Shirt, He Just Gave Them All the MIDDLE FINGER


Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan of The Walking Dead is a “racist” and a “Nazi” for supporting police officers. That’s how the left feels these days.

In other words, anyone who might defend cops or America or President Trump is a racist Nazi. Sheesh.

Morgan didn’t care, though. He told all his haters to back the heck up!

Check this out, per Digital Spy:

In a post that has since been deleted, Jeffrey wrote on Instagram (via BBC Newsbeat): “Can’t believe I need to explain to you this fact. All lives matter. All of em.

“This shirt was made in response to the cold blooded murder of two GOOD cops in NY, both that had immigrated to the US, and took an oath to protect and serve.”

After telling his ‘asshole’ critics to “grow up”, the actor has since shared – and deleted – a post apologising for his comments and insisting that he does support Black Lives Matter.

It’s too bad Morgan apologized. He has NOTHING to be sorry about.

Check out these messages from lefties…

Does anyone need more proof that liberalism is a mental disease?


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