Melania Traveled the Country Without Trump, Now the ASTONISHING Reason Why was Just Revealed

Wikimedia/Flickr reported the reason why First Lady Melania Trump visited The Mountain state recently.

That’s West Virginia!

It’s nothing short of incredible.

I want to support you and give Lily’s Place a voice,” said First Lady Melania Trump. ” It is a passion of mine to help children and educated them, families, and open the conversation about opioid abuse.”

First Lady Melania Trump visits Huntington, WV recovery center…

First Lady Melania Trump visits Huntington, WV recovery center

Posted by WVVA News on Tuesday, October 10, 2017

AWESOME! What a class act.

WV Sen. Joe Manchin, a Democrat rumored to be switching his affilition to the Republican Party, released this statement:

“I’m pleased the First Lady has come to West Virginia to bring national attention to the front-line of the opioid epidemic and to learn first-hand about the impacts the opioid epidemic is having on children in Huntington and across our state,” Senator Manchin said. “The work Lily’s Place does is crucial to helping our communities and families overcome opioid addiction and I will continue to support the work they do. I look forward to continuing to work with President Trump, the First Lady and with the Opioid Commission to find an end to this horrible crisis.”

Fellow WV Sen. Shelley Moore Capito, a Republican, had this to say:

“I’m thrilled the first lady traveled to West Virginia and was able to see firsthand the incredible work being done at Lily’s Place. Not only does her visit signal a real commitment to making the opioid crisis a national priority, but it is also a testament to how our state is leading the way to combat the drug epidemic. West Virginia has been affected so deeply by this crisis, but we have also found some of the most effective ways to fight back and provide care for those in need. Lily’s Place is a perfect example of how others across the country can also work to combat addiction and its consequences, and I’m so happy the first lady helped shine a light both on the problem and one of many solutions.”

This was a classy move from a first lady who loves her country. If you’re proud to call Melania Trump your first lady comment “YES!”


  1. Yes, yes, yes. She’s proving once again what Class looks like.
    We all love and support her. Thank you First Lady, Melania!

  2. Such a compassionate first lady. Her love of children, her determination to help others, and her quiet attitude will make Melania one of the greatest first ladies of this Nation….A big Thank You to Melania and to Lily’s Place in West Virginia, for tackling the devastation caused by this opioid crisis..

  3. Mrs. Trump loves children. She is the most active first lady we’ve ever had, with the possible exception of Mrs. Reagan. ANYONE who bad mouths FLOTUS is nothing but jealous because she is gracious and kind, intelligent and giving and most of all – she really and truly CARES.


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