What Melania Trump Instantly Did When She Saw This Baby Suffering Brought the Hospital Staff To Tears


Our First Lady is as gorgeous as they come, but many don’t realize that her soul is unbelievably beautiful as well.

The world saw just how incredible Melania Trump is yesterday when she took the time to visit a drug recovery center for infants. Lily’s Place, the first of its kind in the nation, works with addicted mothers’ newborns who are enduring the torment of drug withdrawal.

There was one touching moment during the tour of the recovery center that even took the hospital staff by surprise.

While everyone else was making their rounds, Mrs. Trump saw a newborn baby suffering in it’s crib. The sight must have been too much for her to bear because Mrs. Trump quietly separated from the group to tend to the baby.

“Melania instantly wrapped the baby and held it close until the little one drifted off to sleep peacefully. No one told her to do it, and the light was too dim for her to be looking for a photo op.”

Our First Lady just saw a innocent life that needed love and she provided it without hesitation.

Luckily, despite the poor lighting, someone snapped a picture anyway and captured the touching moment for us to see.

Mrs. Trump later spoke in private with two families currently enrolled at the facility.

“It is my hope that we can find ways to create more of the opportunities afforded by places like Lily’s Place, so that we can continue to help infants and children grow into happy, healthy adults,” the first lady said.

I’m so proud to have such an amazing woman in our White House. God Bless Melania Trump for the wonderful work she is doing to help those in need!

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  1. God Bless our First Lay Melania Trump for having such a Wonderful Heart I’m one Proud American to have her and President Trump in the White House.

    • As am I. Both President Trump and First Lady Melania wear their hearts on their sleeves. They truly care about people, ALL PEOPLE, and it shows. God Bless then both.

  2. Amen. God Bless Melania Trump. She is so caring and beautiful but her beauty doesn’t stop her from being the best First Lady.

  3. It’s so nice to have real class in the White House again! Melania is beautiful inside and out and all those haters out there are just very envious and down right jealous of this woman! Why would you attack someone without cause?! She has done nothing to these haters just grow up!

  4. The ‘left’ would try to have people think FLOTUS is ‘just’ your typical, self centered, uneducated play toy “Model’ for a billionaires’ ego and a willingness to be relegated to the role of “Eye Candy” for an ego-centric billionaire. (That walks to helicopters with Stiletto heels to ‘work’ in a flood.)
    People may forget, but she was a self made woman and has extensive business experience. She is too confident to go for a cheap ‘photo op’. She has done a lot of good things as First Lady. Also, for writers who trash her, don’t forget, she can “Trash” you back in FIVE languages.

  5. Melania is such a gracious and caring lady. She truly does care. Thank You Melania. God has blessed you and therefore you have blessed us.

  6. You can tell she is a lady full of God’s Grace! Check her eyes when she looks at anyone…then look at who she is and see if you do not agree! Eyes are the windows to the soul!! So very proud of First Lady Melania Trump! God has Blessed America with this President and his soulmate!

  7. She and President Trump quite obviously care for the innocents among us–the nation’s children. May God bless them for their attention to the forgotten ones.

  8. She is the best thing that happened to our President and it stokes the fire in him to do what is moral and right according to our Constitution based upon Christian principles

  9. First Lady Melania Trump is an amazing, beautiful and kind person. We are so blessed to have her in the White House. I know the Deplorables and Silent Majority know this about her and the entire Trump family. We just have to keep the Faith and watch their backs to MAGA. I am so proud.

  10. Thank you Melania for comforting this little one. How sad what children must endure because of the sins of adults. I just read about an 18 month old girl beaten to death after just being adopted by a homosexual couple just 2 months prior. Thank God she did not have to endure years of torture. Darkness is covering the earth.

  11. We are so grateful and blessed to have a First Lady as caring and loving, as melania… and to know Gods back in the White House again first and foremost is beyond words…
    God bless our President Trump, First Lady melania and there family… you have up your lives to help the american people…

  12. Melania is one of a kind, Warm, Caring, Compassionate, Soft Spoken, Loves Children there Dear to her Heart. No one can hold a Candle to her. She is a Breath of Fresh Air to this Country. No other since Nancy, & Jackie has the White House had a Secial Elegant Stylish, Loving First Lady that the Country can be very Proud to call her OUR First Lady.

  13. God bless this truly beautiful First Lady, Melania. It is so obvious that she is a caring, kind, warn and elegant! She and our awesome President Trump both truly care about people and how they feel and if they are employed or not. We as Americans are blessed to have them in our White House.


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