Mike Pence Just Told America’s Troops Two Words That Will Make Kim Jong Un Cry Like A Little Baby

Source: Reuters

Vice President Mike Pence was in North Dakota on Friday and gave a rousing speech to troops stationed at Minot Air Force Base.

Minot is one of our first lines of defense against North Korea as it houses 26 B-52 bombers and 150 intercontinental ballistic missiles that would have to be mobilized at a moment’s notice if North Korea launched an attack.

Pence’s speech is as follows:

“Anyone who would threaten our nation should know that America always seeks peace, but if we are forced to defend ourselves or our allies, we will do so with military power that is effective and overwhelming. And those gathered here at Minot Air Force Base will play a critical role again.” 

“Now more than ever your commander in chief is depending on you to be ready, stay sharp, mind your mission, and your airmen, and be that credible deterrent that has assured the security of the American people for generations.”

The operative words here are “be ready.” 

Kim Jong Un is a bully- he bullies his own people, and he bullied the international community into ignoring his crimes against humanity and not ending his despotic regime immediately. The Trump Administration is done appeasing this maniac, and Pence just sent out the strongest message possible- Americans will be ready to pay any price to preserve our safety and our freedom.

Watch the whole speech here- this part starts at 13:30:

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(h/t The Hill)



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