Minutes Ago Trump Called Las Vegas Sheriff And Gave Him Something UNBELIEVABLE


Joseph Lombardo is the Sheriff of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police said that President Trump called and offered support and prayers.

Lombardo called Sheriff Joseph Lombardo on Monday after the gunman opened fire on the music festival. Lombardo then thanked the President for his phone call.

Lombardo has been working tirelessly to keep Las Vegas locals up to date. This comes after Trump offered a bit of scripture to all the fallen today.

President Trump: “God lives in the heart of those who grieve… We pray for the entire country to find unity and peace.”

Trump is praying for America after the shooting. Over 50 people were murdered and there are over 400 people injured. Share this if you are gonna pray for the victims Let’s show the world how amazing our country is in the face of such disasters.

You would never see Hillary on the subject as fast as Trump has gotten to it.

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  1. President is a man with personal compassion which Obama did not. The past pres. was always playing one type of card or another in every tragedy


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