Moments Ago the NFL Did the UNTHINKABLE, Guarantees Poor Ratings for YEARS…It’s Bad


After President Trump called out NFL players for disrespecting their country by kneeling during the national anthem, even MORE players started kneeling.

This was strictly to spite Trump. Most players have no clue why they’re kneeling, though. They’ll say it’s to bring awareness to social injustice, racism, and police brutality, but simple facts will dispell all that BS in seconds flat.

There were rumblings that the league was going to change their rules, requiring players to stand for “The Star-Spangled Banner.” Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones even said that any of his players who kneel will be benched.

Now, the NFL has made their decision in a statement released by the Players Union.

There will be no rule change. Players can continue to kneel.

Meaning, TV ratings will continue to decline.

“Commissioner Roger Goodell reached out to NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith today and both he and player leadership will attend the League meetings next week. There has been no change in the current policy regarding the anthem. The agenda will be a continuation of how to make progress on the important social issues that players have vocalized. Everyone who is part of our NFL community has a tremendous respect for our country, our flag, our anthem and our military, and we are coming together to deal with these issues in a civil and constructive way.”


If you’re completely DONE with the NFL after this latest deplorable move, let them know about it. Don’t watch games at home. Don’t spend money at the stadiums. Soon, they’ll get the message that we’re tired of seeing players disrespect this country. Let’s get 10,000 shares to show the NFL we’ve had enough!

H/T: Bleacher Report


  1. I’m in for the long haul, I’m done with the NFL. They can end up handing out tickets with food stamps to fill the stands. The product has been in decline for a few years, you can tell the players play when they want and hold back when they don’t want . The NFL is infected with a cancer of lazyness and show boats with out class or good sportsmanship. Goodell is wishy washy. Bust up the union and start over

  2. I plan on removing my Lions car flag, the large Lions window decal, wrap them in my Lions sweatshirt and burn them on FB live!! What these grown men are doing to disrespect the country that allows them to make millions of dollars to play a game is fricking pathetic and that they can’t be men enough to be honest about why they are doing it to protest the man that was legally elected as President by the majority of American citizens!!Not to mention the terrible example they’re setting for all the kids that look up to them as heroes. I’ll miss watching it, but like the last 3 weeks, I’ll just find something else to do, and I will continue to survive without football!!!

  3. It’s a shame that the NFL will be losing all this money because of losing about 90 % of their revenue. You can file bankrupsy. Sad.

  4. Boycott the games and products their sponsors sell. We are so disappointed that the players are trying to blame their protest on “to bring awareness to social injustice, racism, and police brutality. If that was true why are they protesting at the time when we are honoring our country, our flag, our national anthem, our soldier who fought and those that died, and our other first responders. We are honoring our heroes and you disrespect them. You are shameful and not worthy individuals and we have lost any and all respect that you once had. GOODBY TO THE PLAYERS, THE OWNERS, THE COACHES AND THE ENTIRE NFL!

    • Maryann, that was a very good comment. I used to like the Seahawks but now — well, if they finish last, I couldn’t care less. I’m totally uninterested.

    • The first responders include the police officers that they are supposedly protesting against. Why are these same police officers required to protect their a$$es during the games? Let them hire their own protection. The white against blacks are far less than the blacks against whites and the blacks against blacks. There might be a few rogue cops that shoot an innocent black, but it is way far less than the violent crimes committed by the blacks. Spare us the tiresome racism comments. If there are black communities that need help, the NFL protesting players can get off their whiny butts (and knees) and help these communities with their million dollar+ salaries and less of their “poor me” loud mouth comments. Put your money where your mouth is and stop disrespecting our national anthem, our American flag, our brave military and first responders protecting your a$$es, and our great country. Thank God I don’t even like football to begin with. If you don’t like it here in the greatest country ever, then LEAVE. No one is stopping you – we’ll even help you pack your bags. This is Bob’s wife.

  5. Too bad these NFL players have been so stubborn & obviously brainwashed to think it’s OK to disrespect the flag, Country & Our LEADERS who have made it possible for them to play a sport that so many people have loved for years, leave leave alone pay them huge salaries! Meanwhile other young men & women are risking their lives for our freedoms because they love & respect our Country! I realize satan is working so hard to destroy mankind in every which way he can, but i already know he loses
    & unfortunately so will all those who are partnering with this beast! Praying while there’s still hope! I don’t watch them anymore, but do watch college football.

  6. Why punish the people? Fire the kneelers- play the ones who stand. They don’t deserve to suffer either because of a few dipheads. And you might have a better team because of attitude.

  7. I’m a man of principle and decided that I was done with these idiots three weeks ago. Now my family will be included in this permanent boycott. I will raise children that not only will not want to watch the games but will be taught that this game is now Anti-American. We’ll take this fight down the generations. I raise Americans, not football players.

  8. SCREW GOODELL! SCREW THE NFL! and SCREW THE USELESS PLAYERS!!! Thanks No [email protected] Goodell for all your non existent help for all the millions of people who enjoy the NFL and football. You made your bed, now SLEEP in it. I hope you lose your job and the NFL falls flat on it’s FACE. And hoping the IRS does something about you being tax free which is a CROP of B.S. NO MORE of you and your lousy NFL. You let the inmates run the asylum and you have many of the bad ones. You and your decisions suck like a HOOVER. I hope and pray you will not be back in office but since you have been kissing up to the owners we may not stand a chance.

  9. Some things are really easy to permanently “boycott”. There are BudLite, BuschLite, and a number of other beverages that are produced by Anheuser-Busch. Get real! All of us that think we have to have those products are mistaken. Tests have shown that blind-folded most drinkers can not pick out their favorite. Figure out what producers do not advertise on NFL shows and switch, if you can not just quit drinking. That goes for lots of other things advertised on NFL shows. Think vehicles. Think insurance. Pay attention and you can change a lot of things quickly. But remember some of the smart responses that some of them have made and maybe make the changes permanently. A change in rules by the NFL and putting teeth into it – like permanent firing with no chance of rehiring within the NFL might not even be enough, as most of the same people will still be playing and continuing to get rich, even from a smaller pot of resources. Find something else to do with your lives and let the NFL swing.

  10. You made your bed and you can lay in it. No income from fans, none from sponsors the owners will take bankruptcy and you will have no jobs. Then maybe you will find out hard you have to work to support your millionaire lifestyle. I can’t wait to see this. Be sure to thank Kaepernick for ruining gravy train. You will be in the same boat he is in right now… pay check.

  11. The NFL has a right to kneel anywhere they want in fact they can kneel on the sidelines for the entire game if they want but they may also be kneeling to an empty stadium and to a low rating TV rating.The fans that supported them when they were winning and also losing streaks also have a perfect reason and right to abandon them any time they want.Hince if you can’t respect the fans values then why should we support you.I believe you picked the wrong forum in which to protest.


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