MUST WATCH: Insane Debate Between Carson and Waters PROVES The Worst About Mad Maxine

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Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) is a known sufferer of Trump Derangement Syndrome. The Congresswoman has called for President Trump’s impeachment many times and has trashed his cabinet on multiple occasions.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson has frequently been a target of her ire. Earlier this year she vowed to “take his ass apart” when she had an opportunity to question him in Congress.

Carson testified before the House Financial Services Committee on Thursday and the two finally had their debate, if you could call it that. Waters continued to interrupt Carson, putting words in his mouth to try to ‘prove’ that he was criticizing President Trump.

Check it out here:

Exchange between Rep. Maxine Waters & Secretary Ben Carson on Puerto Rico. Watch complete hearing here:

Posted by C-SPAN on Thursday, October 12, 2017

Waters begins by asking Carson if he agrees with President Trump’s earlier comments on Twitter suggesting the Puerto Rican government take more responsibility for their disaster relief efforts after Hurricane Maria. Saying:

“Trump threatened to abandon Puerto Rico’s recovery efforts…Do you agree with the president?”

Carson replied, and through several interruptions from Waters, said that Puerto Rico was important and should not be abandoned

Waters then said “OK. I’m glad to hear you don’t agree with the president.”

OK, now here’s the thing. President Trump NEVER said he would abandon Puerto Rico. He said that “We cannot keep FEMA, the Military, and the First Responders…in P.R. forever!”

Does this mean he’s “abandoning Puerto Rico”? NO! It means what it says- the personnel for emergency relief cannot stay in Puerto Rico forever, and the island’s government needs to start getting things back on track.

Maxine Waters already started from a false premise and tried to trip Ben Carson up, interrupting him multiple times so he could never get his point across. This shows poor leadership from Waters and a strong bent for partisanship and dishonesty. Luckily Carson kept his cool and stayed calm the entire time.

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  1. I agree it’s time this mad woman, and I do mean mad as in crazy, retired. Between her gutter language and her maligning our president she has proven that she is not working on all cylinders. How she has been elected, and re-elected is beyond wonderment, is she paying off people with her well known accumulated wealth? It’s amazing to me that she continues to call for the impeachment of a man duly elected to office. She is the one who should be put out of a job.

  2. She is Racist and dosent care to share that wih us the poplel ,,maybe if she got off her black ass and do something for the people instead of putting down our president …..She is one crazy person and I really mean crazy.

  3. Just shows what an outstanding public servant and GENTLEMAN Dr. Carson really is. I probably would have thrown my shoe at that nasty racist waters

  4. Why this stupid woman is still in office is beyond me, just shows how stupid people in California are for voting her into office.

  5. She is a racist bigot of the worst kind. She drips with venom and hatred every time she opens her corrupt mouth. She would pass for Hitler’s sister if she was not black and I bet she hates Jews and Israel.

  6. California needs to get rid of Ficklestein, Nasty Nancy and crazy Maxine.

    Texas needs to rid themselves of Al Green and Shelia Jackson Lee (Lee, you say ? Thought that
    was racist name). All are an embarrassment to both their states and Congress.

  7. Maxine is on mind altering drugs in a new scandal. She is an unbalanced old bag who plays the race card all the time. Fat Al and her can start race war and keep it going until they get there share of money. She should be checked by a doctor and submit to a drug test, she is becoming completely unhinged. No high crimes and misdemeanors no evidence at all and she is still demanding Impeachment. Race baiting to hide something else “subterfuge”

  8. Dr Carson is a mad of God & life is sacred to him anywhere. That was his reply. Maxine Waters is a witch doctor talking mambo-jumbo as usual. Who are the idiots who voted here into Congress?

  9. Waters is one of the biggest Leeching gutter maggots in DC and her constituents, who keep putting her into office, must have turds for brains to vote for this skank. She is as corrupt as the Clintons and needs to see her last days in office. God Bless President Trump and his Administration, who are trying to do what is right and good for our Nation, unlike the godless, satanic Democrat Communists.

  10. Puerto Rico’s Power company is in receivership and they have virtually no available credit because of their fiscal mismanagement for decades. I feel for these people but they are poor and not taking steps to help themselves.
    Yes we have to help them but they also have to take steps to help themselves.

    • Joyce, I agree. Most of the money PR received, went directly into the DEMON-O-Rats pockets, NOT into their infrastructure. Even now, much of the relief products were taken, by them and kept or given to their cronies.

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