Nevada Cop Wins Halloween With Hilarious Kaepernick Costume That Has Liberals Seething With Rage

Source: Twitter, NFL Network

Halloween is one of those holidays when anything goes. Women wear racy costumes they would never wear on a normal day.

Many men dress up in drag as Matt Lauer did today going as Dolly Parton.

It is an irreverent holiday for all so we can blow off steam and have fun. It has not and never will be a politically correct holiday.

But the liberals in their quest to ruin this great nation are up in arms over a Nevada police officer’s Colin Kaepernick Halloween costume.

It is hilarious and even more so that it enrages the left – they just cannot take a joke – which is why they have no power in the America.

Thankfully the cop in question will not be punished according to the Reno Gazette.

The University of Nevada, Reno police spokeswoman Kerri Garcia said,

“As insensitive and inappropriate as this is, we have no policy that would dictate any disciplinary action.”

In the post on Twitter, University police officer Antonio Gutierrez, is seen as a cop and as Kaepernick.

The Kaepernick costume has him dressed in a wig, a beard, a fake nose and a sign that says, “Will stand for food.”


Do you think there is anything wrong with this? After all, Kaepernick has gone after the cops and they certainly have the right to hit back with humor, right?

If not we are doomed as a society. Share if you agree.


  1. please, it’s a costume, nothing racial, no more than a black panthers salute, get a life, were all Americans, suck it up cupcakes, it was funny, and for fun, have all you libs forgot how to have fun, sticks, and stones? ha ha ha

  2. Well, costume say it all. he is unemployed and he hate cops that for sure he do anything to find a job .
    Truth hurts Kaeperneck


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