NFL FINISHED! Roger Goodell Is Holding His Head In Shame After What Just Leaked About Him


Commissioner Roger Goodell’s future with the NFL is in question. The NFL has lost so much recently and it’s starting to bury the league.

According to Real Clear Life, the NFL has not responded well to the controversy. This includes a delay on a contract extension of Roger Goodell, according to ESPN.

“The anthem issue has overridden everything — and I do mean everything,” a source told ESPN. Total viewership has dropped by 7.5 percent compared to last year.

Many people are pissed that Roger Goodell takes a $212.5m salary as well.

Goodell is the highest paid person in the NFL and is destroying the league right now. Goodell makes more than Tom Brady, Eli Manning or anybody else in the league.

The NFL has now lost 3.3 million viewers since Colin Kaepernick kneeled and has lost millions of dollars in income.

Share this if you think that it’s time to make the NFL great again and have players that care about this country.

God bless all the soldiers that have fought and died for this country. They deserve better than to be insulted by some overpaid athletes.

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  1. Phuck the racist NFL and Goodell. Goodell AND the BLM race baiting ghetto felons have shown their true colors and they will NEVER EVER be forgiven. Boycott the living schitt out of the NFL and their sponsors until the racist NFL is gone. Send these felons back to the jungle where they belong.

  2. Stop taxpayer funding of NFL stadiums to the tune of billions of dollars for maintenance and building of these stadiums. The NFL is a private enterprise and taxpayers don’t get a return on their investment. Taxpayers still pay to access these stadiums. As I understand it, the NFL owners still get a tax exemption as well. The people who should be kneeling on those football fields and yelling oppression with their fists in the air are the taxpayers who more likely don’t even know they are being required to fund these stadiums. I have lost total respect for the NFL after finding this out. Just take a look on the Internet and see just how many millions of dollars the players and the owners make. Taxpayers sometimes have problems paying their bills. They should get a refund. Then maybe I would watch football again. By the way. It is millions in salary. Not thousands.

  3. I agree whole heartedly with these people, it’s the tax payers that should be out raged along with the loyal fans, as far as I’m concerned they can AKL GI TO pergatory..
    Forever, I have NO sympathy, they could have spent some of their collective money to help some of the organizations but….noooo, they want to be cry babies…let them cry while they try to support their families, agreed it’ll take a while to drain some of the millions if stollen dollars they got but in time some of them will be broke..PUT THE NFL OUT IF BUSINESS, then may be we’ll find some honest athlete’s who what to play ball..til then GOOD BYE NFL..SEE YA….

  4. I think that they could take that loss revenue right out of Goodell’s paycheck since he is the one that refuses to stop anything that is making the fans very angry from these protesters. I would love to see them do that and then fire that pos. The NFL can go down just like the Titanic did and I am sure that many of us would be so glad to see that happen.

  5. Let the players gather out on the parking lot for an allotted time and take the knee and do whatever the heck they want. Your teams could give speeches and things of that sort and involve the public.
    But there is no call for disrespecting our life long beliefs and being respectful. You may have showed your hindends to the point that nothing will help you. If it has then you ask for it by acting like bullies.

  6. Very depressing happening with NFL. But if it was handled correctly it would not have been blown out of poportion like it now is.Sorry but the truth really does hurt…Maybe this has hsppened for a really good reason.:stand by and wait!!!


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