NFL Players Hang Heads In Shame After Seeing Flag Properly Respected At World Series Last Night

Source: Youtube

The NFL continues to sink lower and lower. Their ratings are in the toilet. Attendance is down. Sponsors are fleeing.

To be fair the NFL has long term contracts and usually pre-sells tickets so outside of the lost concession sales the financial hit has not been huge, yet.

But if this continues at years end everything may be undone.

Contracts have out clauses, fans don’t renew season tickets, advertises won’t run ads because they don’t want to be associated with that toxic brand.


The owners know this which is why they are freaking. The players have no clue and stumble around as if their paychecks are guaranteed. They are not.

Last night major league baseball put the NFL to shame and showed them the proper way to respect the flag and celebrate the national anthem.

First, not one player took a knee. Take note NFL.

Second, was a beautiful national anthem performed by gospel singer Keith Williams Jr complete with a flyover saluting our flag and everyone who respects it as grand finale.

But baseball wasn’t done showing the NFL how to properly respect the flag.

In the seventh inning stretch, when they usually play take me out to the ball game or some other song, they pulled a surprise move.

A group of U.S. soldiers took the field as Petty Officer 2nd Class Mike Dalager brought the house down and sang, “God Bless America.”

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  1. I Will not Watch Any Sports on TV or listen to Any Radio Stations Untill All Of These Spoiled Entitled so – Called Players Get Off Their Knees ! The Only Time They Should Be On Their Knees is In Prayers To GOD !

  2. “NFL Players Hang Heads in Shame After Seeing Flag Properly Respected”…… & what universe does the writer of this article live in? The title of this article is not only misleading, it is an outright lie – When are you going to see NFL players have any shame for their disrespect of our flag? NEVER!!!

  3. That will be the only time Maxwell is up with the A’s. I predict he will not make the team next fall and he can go kneel down at home.


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