NFL Players Struck Dumb By Barkley And Shaq’s Easy Solution To Protests That Honors, Not Trashes Flag

Source: TNT, Twitter

Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neill just offered a very simple, totally patriotic, guaranteed to work, solution to all NFL players protesting the flag.

And one that actually honors, not trashes America.

Basically they just drew a red line in the sand and said put you godamn money where your mouths are or shut up already.

“I’m sick of hearing about protests. It’s time for us to put some action (behind it),” Barkley said according to ABC.

“I’m proud of NFL players for finally getting together with the owners (Tuesday), talking about prison reform and things like that. We’ve got to work with the police. I want these players — they’ve got so much money and so much visibility, they can go to the owners of these teams and say, ‘Hey, listen, let’s go to these communities and put some time and some effort in there.’ We have spent so much time worrying about who’s kneeling and who’s got the fist up, we have not come up with solutions. So I’m sick of hearing about the anthem protests.”

Correct. Look certain communities in America have been left behind. And the truth is it has nothing to with race but politics. Really.

The Democrats were in control of the Federal Government and most state governments – the rise of the GOP is only a recent phenomenon – and as a country we tried to help these communities out.

Because America is by far the most generous country in the history of the world.

But the Democrats, and their intentions were probably pure, ended up hurting these communities.

Instead of giving them paths to own their own homes, build equity, and have pride in ownership, they gave them public housing.

I learned when I was 10 that if you didn’t earn it or own it you won’t respect it. And that goes for jobs, welfare, etc.

They Dems created a culture of dependency that stole the ambition and drive – literally stole the American dream – from huge swaths of people.

What’s needed is what Charles offered – put your money where your mouths are and start investing in and lifting up the communities you claim to want to help.

Instead of talking, actually do something and solve the problem.

And the only solution to this problem is a healthy dose if capitalism, a shot at the American dream. There is no other way and these players have the unique ability to actually make that happen.

Shaq added, “I agree with Chuck. Enough talking. When are we going to do something about it? Let’s just get something done. Make this world a better place.”

Barkley added, “We’re all in this thing together. It ain’t a black or white thing. It ain’t a cop against people. It’s all of us.”


NFL players should honor the flag and invest and bring opportunities to these communities or shut the f*ck up.

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  1. I’ve been saying this all along
    Put your money where your mouth is. Maybe, coming from two Black men (God Bless them), it will be accepted by racist unamerican Black NFL (national felon league) players, who will ultimately suffer monetarily. I really don’t care anymore.

    • me too they are all caught up in their own selfish egos and tunnel vision that they do not see anything past they’re own noses. it may be to late to salvage what they have now destroyed tho.

    • National Felon League lol. I find it quite ironic that prison reform is one issue they are claiming to fight for. I guess I would too if I expected to be there in the future.

      • Really, I think Kapernack just wanted to bring attention to himself ! He could care less about anything but himself! I also said get out there & speak to these kids, do something BC kneeling doesn’t do a dam thing! Thank God for Barkley & Shaqs speaking out ! These are real men who don’t just talk the talk ! The NFL owners don’t have the balls to do the right thing !!

  2. Because they are black that is why we should pay attention to what they say??? President Trump and God knows who else feels and said what these guys said and it meant nothing!! For me they could all go to hell?? They are defiant and I resent the fact that they have to be told to stand for the National Athiem!! This is unexceptable! I hope they learn a lesson when they find out that the fans are also Defiant!!!!!! They do not appreciate the United States! So kick them out!!!!!

  3. What a breath of fresh air! I’d say someone with a brain and a platform, by the way the NFL has that same platform. By now however most of us are fed up by the players and the owners, I’m already done with this season..I’m wishing you’d talk to your buddy James and square him away about the dems who haven’t done more than lip service and cause a lot of the gap. Thanks again. Many of us have friends and relatives who came
    back from war covered with our flag and we don’t think of it or where we live lightly!

  4. Thank you Sir Charles & Mr. Shack. This is about the best thing that I have seen Or read about this whole mess. Yes with great expectations & problem solving ideas seems there is those on the far left that wants this to be a continuous problem. Ultimately the players are going to be the one that it hits the hardest. No place to play, no games any more, where else are they going to make their millions that they are getting now. Only one way left, rob, & steal. Enough of that now, like these two men are saying. Get your crap together. Help one another, be an upstanding role model instead of a thug. Those in Washington that do not want to help get this Beloved America back on track, we’ll help up vote them out. Work together, helping those in need, & these good things will there fore be passed on down & will multiply ten fold. NFL Players, you can be the KEY to this solution. Respect our Flag, our National Athem there fore the people, fans, will respect you. Be a part of the SOLUTION not the PROBLEM. Vietnam Vet & very proud to serve our Beloved Country. If I could do it all over again, would do it within a heart beat. Bud. PS. RESPECT is something earned not just given to you.

  5. I have said this also. Great article from two great guys. I hope your message gets across. I am sick and tired of all this also. They all have the way and means to make this happen!! We can all make America great again but it does take all of us!

  6. Well now ! Two men,Not black men,but men with solutions,and ideas ! Loved these men as players, and were great for the sport, and great role models . Right on gentlemen !

  7. Many of those players do not mean to disrespect the flag. We know your hurting, many of us want to help. Don’t give up we can all help!

    • Karen, I must disagree with you.Anyone Who does not stand for the anthem and the pledge to the flag is showing disrespect, no matter what excuses they make up. The only thing these players protesting are hurting for is attention.

  8. Finally, someone talking some sense. It’s been said all along that he NFL need’s to go to the communities to be an example. All this crap out kneeling, targeting white players, fists, pissing on the field is disgusting. Good examples huh.

  9. i agree!!! they could put their money where their mouth is, and start programs that allows police to work with kids and teens, teaching them what to do and not do when you are approached by a police officer. kids and teens look up to these NFL guys and they’d love to get involved with them and possibly learn something. kids need to learn why a police officer is trained to draw his gun, and work with them to prevent doing things like that to keep them out of trouble.

  10. Been saying that since this all started. Honor your people Americans. Not black or white or any other nationalities. We are all trying to make our lives better.

  11. God bless you Charles and Shaq❤️
    This is exactly what I have said for a
    long time. Finally, 2 guys who have the
    M & M’s (‘Mike’ & Money) can attract the
    attention and desire of other good people who also want to ‘Do’ something
    except draw attention to themselves. To
    me, Shaq and Charles, you are our
    ‘Today’s’ Martin Luther King. I am a Senior citizen and I ask that others to
    join me to keep you and others in daily intervention prayer for success to all who join you in this Godly solution for
    our fellow men/women. You can really make a difference in these Precious
    people’s lives. Again! God bless your endeavor.

  12. Yep exactly correct. You don’t earn it you will not respect it. This is also good advice to parents today. Some enabling your children.

  13. This was a great article & I agree with it. There are so many good, smart people out there who could be helping themselves & others by just trying to lift a finger in helping some of these folks put their knowledge to work. All they need is someone to take the time to work with them & show them that working is not a bad thing or putting your brain to good use.

  14. these guys are on the money … they don’t protest … they don’t disrespect … they do something productive with their lives to help others.. join forces and theres nothing we cant do

  15. When you earn respect you will cherish it and feel the satisfaction of accomplishment. All of you used to be considered by the youths of this nation as heroes and a model for them – why are you letting that disappear?

  16. Someone finally offers a solution. I agree with all those $$$$$$$$, build up communities by creating jobs. When you earn your keep, there is a certain pride and self esteem in that. Dependancy is like a drug. Can’t live without it. Free yourself.

  17. It is so easy to fuss and complain about every little slight, hurt, etc.
    People have grown so weary of hearing all of this grumbling and fault- finding.
    There are so many ways to be positive role-models, and actually save some of
    the communities. Be a mentor, help in soup kitchens, visit a wounded warrior,
    visit a nursing home, join big-brother, big-sisters, teach someone to read, sponsor
    a little league, help habitat for humanity,etc. There are no end to the ways one could
    be part of the solution and not part of a problem. People now are too arrogant, and
    no longer have the heart to help others in need. We are failing our youth by not
    teaching these valuable life lessons.

  18. Thank you Shaq and Charles. Finally two sports legends that are respected by many and who can reach a lot of people, say something that makes the most sense. I have been thinking along the same lines since this all started. Put your money and your time and effort where your mouth is. Kneeling or sitting during the national anthem is doing nothing but pissing off the fans and causing a bigger division in this great country of ours. You can do a lot with your money and time that will actually make a difference. They can have solidarity by helping the communities that they’re protesting about in unison. I don’t have a lot of faith in Kaepernick though. He has a lot of hatred inside. He admires dictators, hates cops and disrespects our great country. Now he’s suing the NFL. He is the one who opted out of his 49er contract. No one else will hire him? Poor baby. Could it be that he’s not that great of a player and he’s a liability to other team owners? This is Bob’s wife.

  19. What Shaq & Charles said is gold. Protesting solves nothing but creates division & hits NFL’s pockets. Have some humility NFL – hear what people are saying & come down from your high horse. And respect our flag which gives us freedom & our soldiers made it possible

  20. Thank you Charles and Shaw. I agree with this 100% and I’ve also been saying this all along. Here’s a solution that these two have offered, it’s obvious to a lot of us. Let’s see if these NFL protesters will put their money where their mouth is. Now we will see if they’re really interested in solving the problem or if they just want to complain and protest. Let’s see who will stand up and be men and do something about what they have brought attention to. Or who will just continue kneeling on the sidelines and being a crybaby. Here’s their chance to man up and make things right. They certainly have the finances that could help turn these communities around. They can help these people that have basically been victimized by the dems, in their failed effort to help them. It truly is a shame what they have done to these communities. in their blind effort to help them out they basically have crippled them for a very long time. It goes back to LBJ. He said if we give them welfare we’ll have them in out pockets forever. Women became married to the government check, instead of being married to the father of their babies. It’s unfortunately became a way of life. It’s gonna take a lot to turn these communities around in the way of thinking. But if they’re willing to do it, it can be done. God bless these two. I hope that what they’re saying is taken to heart and not just thrown under the bus.

  21. WAY TO GO, Shaq and Charles! The two of you have said more in this one article than all of the “KNEE TAKERS” combined! I hope the athletes take you up on your offer (OR ‘CHALLENGE”) I sure am missing my football games, but I refuse to support the NFL until something gets “DONE!” We all need to “WORK TOGETHER” to get things accomplished! Temper tantrums never worked for my kids….and it won’t work for the NFL, either!

  22. So dam true, except one thing and again, blacks need to do this on there own. they do not need the owners, they just need themselves to step up. Leave whitey out of the equation, black kids will see there own standing for something all on there own. What a wonderful concept. stop the violence and drugs and start building families with the dads. There is no racism here just the plain truth and it matters not black, white or any our color, all lives matter god dam it.

  23. Folks….lay the blame squarely where it belongs with Universities who told their students “YOU NEED TO BE REPROGRAMMED”! because the were Christian Or who were conservative…………..WE REEP WHAT WE SOW!!! DO AWAY WITH TENURE!!!!!!

  24. Two legends with awesome voices with common sense solutions for venting injustices and by putting skin in the game, having the power to create change, united with a positive message of “RESPECT YOUR COUNTRY, and you will get RESPECT! It’s the greatness that KARMA can have on the things we havein common, mot pointing out what’s different! Follow those words of WISDOM, for these two voices can light that spark of CHANGE for the better!!

  25. They’re echoing what the rest of us have been saying all along, and maybe, coming from them, the NFL will listen. However, I won’t be holding my breath.

  26. Kneeling and or raising a fist costs nothing and is worth exactly that. You want prison reform, go through the right channels and put some money behind candidates who will do something about it. Go into jails yourselves and set up programs that will assist young prisoners with skills that will qualify them for jobs other than drug dealing when they get out so they don’t return. Tax money can only go so far. Take an interest, do the work.

  27. Now that two respected Black men are speaking out, could I ask one more thing of them. Please address the one thing that is always ignored and I do not understand why. Please speak to the situation of Black on Black crime. The stats are there and it happens on a continual basis. Do not ignore this and do not let it lie there. It is real and it is destroying your own people. Don’t call it by any other name for what it is.


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