NO MORE LIES: The American People Just Exposed The ONE Thing Trump Needs To Destroy Crooked Media


Since the earliest stages of his campaign trail, President Trump has held the media to a higher standard than any president before him. He’s demanded truthful, unbiased, EVIDENCE-based reporting that paints a clear picture for all Americans. This has clearly been an uphill battle, but now there’s hard proof that President Trump isn’t fighting alone.

According to a poll by Politico and Morning Consult, nearly HALF of all voters believe the news fabricates stories about President Trump. That’s right, over 46% believe that not only do major news organizations fabricate stories about President Trump, but also the entirety of his administration. To prove this fact even further, studies show that of that 46%, only 76% were Republican, with the remaining split between Democrat and assorted parties. If anything, this shows how far the crooked media has gone to create their tired propaganda. Even those who don’t fully support President Trump, still support an honest and transparent press.

As mentioned above, Trump has been arguing this point since the start.


“Actually, dishonesty in the media is one of the things that surprised me the most,” Trump told SiriusXM radio host Chris Plante Tuesday. “I thought after I won, the media would become much more stable and much more honest. They’ve gone crazy. CNN is a joke. NBC is a total joke. You watch what they report, it bears no relationship to what I’m doing. But the media is absolutely dishonest — and frankly, I’ve never seen anything quite like it.”

In reality, this is an unbelievable phenomenon that has slowed down legitimate growth for this country and even threatened national security. President Trump just recently threatened to revoke NBC’s broadcasting license after running a story that claimed Trump wanted to increase our nation’s nuclear weapons stockpile “tenfold.” The White House and Department of Defense immediately denied the story, with President Trump tweeting that it was “Pure fiction, made up to demean.” But with many cases involving the shady press, the damage was already done.

The good news is, the American people are obviously no longer in the dark. We see what’s happening and DEMAND a change. If you think this country deserves a fair and just free press, show your support by standing with our Commander-In-Chief.

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  1. The costs of cable is so high here in the south that people who do not have this listen to their lies all day long. The kids who watch tv or hear the news when it is broadcast in the homes are getting a leftist lean on everything. They are buying up media and outlets so the people will only have one side to hear.

  2. Thank you Alex Santana and Dad for the article. President Trump should revoke FCC licenses of lying MSM, unless they verify all their sources. Lies are for fiction and long winded novels, not in non-fuction journalism. MSM must choose a literary genre but can’t do both.

  3. the media thinks they run this country. I am so sick of them that I don’t even watch the news any more. The media and Washington is so against Trump because they can not control him. If Washington can only tell lies about him to get rid of him, then it is time America wakes up and vote them out. The media has to learn that we will not watch them until they learn to tell the truth.

  4. That’s exactly why President Trump needs to use Twitter and E-mails, so people can get the truth and avoid the MSM. I pay absolutely no attention to the MSM, or the print media. All I read in the paper is local news and the obits to see if my name is in there.


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