NPR CEO Breaks Silence On Media’s Anti-Trump Bias And Arrogant Liberals Will Never Be The Same

Source: Youtube, CNN

This is a remarkable story. Ken Stern, the former CEO of NPR – the government funded ultra-liberal media outlet, just broke his silence on the anti-Trump media bias and the liberals will never be the same.

How could they when one of their own, a liberal who ran and major news organization and helped set the agenda for the liberal media, just exposed them.

They may try to argue and say it isn’t true – if they do just send them this article to read. Written by a fellow liberal who is one of the few people on the planet to know how it really works behind the scenes.

Writing an op-ed in the New York Post, Ken Stern said,


“Most reporters and editors are liberal — a now dated Pew Research Center poll found that liberals outnumber conservatives in the media by some 5 to 1, and that comports with my own anecdotal experience at National Public Radio. When you are liberal, and everyone else around you is as well, it is easy to fall into groupthink on what stories are important, what sources are legitimate and what the narrative of the day will be.”

Correct – we are social animals and no one wants to be left out. The herd mentality if you will. Stern continues,

“This may seem like an unusual admission from someone who once ran NPR, but it is borne of recent experience. Spurred by a fear that red and blue America were drifting irrevocably apart, I decided to venture out from my overwhelmingly Democratic neighborhood and engage Republicans where they live, work and pray. For an entire year, I embedded myself with the other side, standing in pit row at a NASCAR race, hanging out at Tea Party meetings and sitting in on Steve Bannon’s radio show. I found an America far different from the one depicted in the press and imagined by presidents (“cling to guns or religion”) and presidential candidates (“basket of deplorables”) alike.”

And this is where his tale takes a turn to the incredible. He went out to the real America to meet Trump supporters and what he found shocked him.

He liked us.

Thought we were smart, passionate, caring, compassionate, educated, dedicated, hard-working, charitable, and not at all duped by the media’s lies.

He found we are caring bunch who want to help immigrants and refugees and the less fortunate regardless of race – oh yeah he smacked the liberal media for trying to say Trump supporters are racists – but that we want to do it in the right way.

Because we tried the wrong way for the last 40 years and look at the mess that left us?

He met factory workers who explained what the media won’t report about the true cost moving jobs overseas for the community. He met other Trump supporters and at every turn he realized the media is full of b.s.

In short his preconceived liberal notions were shattered. And the most shocking news of all – after seeing the real America, he converted and is now a republican.

We need to get this out there so the media will finally start covering Trump and his supporters accurately – so please give this a like and a share and help spread the truth.


  1. That is a very serious revelation, and I do believe this MAN IS correct. We love all people, and will pretty much help anyone. This Is so Awesome. God Bless OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP.

  2. It’s unreal how many liberals haven’t got a clue what’s going on most I talk to doesn’t want to hear because all the bad stuff that’s on the news not realizing it’s most false so it’s good to hear when someone wakes up An smell the . Yes we have a great president

  3. Liberals are hopeless instrument of deception, they are like ROBOTS remotely controlled by the owner. Time to remove the battery or detach the head from the body structure so rendering it inutile and useless.


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