After NYC Terrorist Attack, Jake Tapper Said Something UNFORGIVABLY DISGUSTING


CNN has bit of a a bias problem — anyone who has watched the network in the Trump era can attest to that — but Jake Tapper just went WAY further than anyone before him.

Tapper’s comment wasn’t just liberal. It was INSANE.

In the aftermath of the terrorist attack in New York Tuesday morning, Tapper PRAISED the phrase “allahu Akbar.”

This wasn’t just poor timing, either. He LITERALLY said it in response to the truck attack that left at least six dead.

“The Arabic chant ‘Allahu Akbar,’ God is great — sometimes said under the most beautiful of circumstances,” the host began “and too often we hear of it being said in moments like this.”

As an American, in what context has Tapper heard “allahu Akbar” in moments of beauty? How often has he reported on that phrase separate from a terrorist attack?

The answer to that second question is probabaly never. Tapper is just using this moment to try and protect the Muslim community. The left refuse to acknowledge the religion’s deeply troubling toes to radical extremism, so they spout idiotic and insensitive garbage such as this.

Maybe Tapper is right in theory — but why now? Why do the left refuse to condemn radical Islamic extremism without qualification?

This isn’t a time to find “beauty.” We must find the PROBLEM and identify it.

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We need to get TOUGH on terror, not try to find beauty in it.


  1. How sad and how foolish to try to justify the use of “alahu akbar”, a statement identified solely as the cry of those bringing death and destruction in the name of their “god”! Tapper is showing his ultimate stupidity in indicating that such a statement can be called “beautiful”! Is what happened in NYC this morning “beautiful” in any way? Is it justifiable?

    Please, all you in the media who desire globalism: WAKE UP! Wake up to the truth and recognize the foolhardiness of seeking ANY means of bringing about a one-world-government! This is America! This is a country founded upon the Word of God and through the bestowal of His blessings! Wake up! Islam is now being used as a tool for the formation of a global government by many who have no semblance of a conscience! Look at Soros! Follow his actions from the beginning of his involvement through the present, and you see the machinations of a demonically vile individual! He will use any means possible to bring about his own will, seeing himself as worthy of deciding the fate of mankind!

    Father, forgive us, for we have turned our backs on Your Word and Your will! Redeem us, Lord, that we might once again be One Nation Under God!

    • Lisbeth, you are so correct in what you have said and you have said it well. What so many of these liberals seem to not want to accept that the true people behind this globalist push are the Iranians who plan on being the head of that Global government and they will quickly dispatch these morons such as Obama, Soros, Clinton etc. and if these fools think otherwise they are kidding themselves. Iran funds ISIS and Boko Haram and Obama used tax payer money to also fund them. All the money he paid for the “ransom” of U.S. Naval personnel the millions he eventually paid went directly to the Boko Haram who then passed it to ISIS. These sick liberals need to be stopped. I join you in asking for God’s intervention and once again saving mankind.

      AND BY THE WAY JAKE TAPPER NEEDS TO BE TERMINATED — WHAT A PATHETIC JERK! These disgusting mainstream media personnel are evil personified themselves!

  2. Kennth then why say it. It was said as ignorance ? The liberals refuse to believe that all four terrorists had at least an interest in middle EAst . I listened to View this AM just to hear what these liberals had to say and they are astonishingly talked so silly I couldn’t take it after about 5 minutes. I cannot even fathom where they come from with their thoughts.

  3. Hey trapper, where is the beauty? Hmm Is it finger painted in blood of these victoms? You sir a are f—n MORON You should never see one more camera. I can even imagine what idiots like you think after this kind of slaughter. Trash that needs to be in the dumpster.

  4. It’s hard for me to understand why sane people listen to such trash from the entirety of CNN announcers, who are absolutely not journalists just announcers

  5. once again we see what the politicians in Washington has exposed the people of this country to. once again we see and hear a liberal twisting the use of phrases use to denote death and destruction. once again the liberal mind shows that the only thing that concerns them is their agenda. they do not care what they expose the American people to. they work to dilute our beliefs. and our culture. they work to take apart and destroy what has proven to be the best. and once again innocent American blood spilt. and the question is why. why are they working to expose us to these things. why are they letting a cult into this country that is illegal. why are they exposing us to death and perversion. why this is what you need to asking, the reality is they do not care about Americans. clinton showed this obama showed this and now again how many more are going to die before americans wake up and see what the democrats and liberals are doing to this country.


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