OH GOD! Look Who’s Secretly Behind Vegas Shooting, Claims Shooter “Converted Months Ago”

Image Source: Eric Paddock

By now you probably know that Stephen Craig Paddock is the man responsible for killing 50 and injuring over 400 others in Las Vegas.

He opened fire from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino. His intended targets were Jason Aldean concertgoers.

Paddock then ended his own life. He had 10 rifles on his person during the shooting.

Now, ISIS is taking credit for the killings. No joke.

The Independent reports:

Isis has claimed responsibility for the shooting attack that has left at least 50 dead in Las Vegas.

A statement published by the group’s Amaq propaganda agency claimed the attacker was a “soldier of the Islamic State”.

In another statement, ISIS says Paddock converted to Islam “months ago.”

Is this legitimate?

There are conflicting reports, to be certain. Vegas Police have located Paddock’s roommate, Marilou Danley of the Phillipines – where ISIS has a presence.

Stay tuned for more… AND share this to get this out. The media doesn’t want this to get out because it’ll ruin their narrative for more gun control


  1. As I said before the RABID ANTI GUNNERS will blame GUNS, The ability to purchase and own guns. NOTHING will be said about the person who actually was ultimately pulling the trigger or the fact the shooter had illegally converted several weapons to full automatic fire had strategically occupied two separate hotel rooms overlooking the concert venue. Had bypassed hotel security to get the guns into the hotel. This was preplanned everything staged for maximum effect. In my personal opinion this was not a lone wolf act this has all the hallmarks of a TERROR ATTACK.!!

      • Making new gun laws will never stop those that have firearms that are not legal. It will only prevent law-abiding citizens to be able to protect themselves and loved ones. My husband and I are not gun owners by choice but I totally agree with the RIGHT to bear arms by law-abiding citizens. There is something that I’ve pondered in the wake of this latest tragedy in Las Vegas. Country music stars and fans are predominatetly Republicans…..?! Food for thought until there is something more tangible during the investigations. Also, who provided him with these illegal arms? There’s a lot of speculations but we won’t know for sure until the investigation is over, which is who knows when that might be. This is Bob’s wife.

  2. The FBI claims that there is no link to ISIS, in less than a day. Yet after a year they cannot prove Trump colluded with the Russians. The same FBI that found that Hillard did not intend to break the law. Now that is an amazing FBI. I believe them. That may have been sarcastic.

  3. Remember folks. ISIS is a creation of the CIA, which means the demonic shadow government is fighting against the United States of America.

  4. There’s no way this guy planned and executed this mass shooting all alone. No way! Can you imagine this guy hauling an arsenal through the lobby of Mandalay Bay?As for the CBS POS, her apology after the fact, was a joke. She meant everything she said in her original post. Like so many leftist/Liberals, she was filled with hate against anything “Trump related”. Such a sad,sad life!


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