New Report On Media Bias PROVES Trump Right And Reveals Something Even More Shocking

Source: Youtube, Fox News

Pew Research just came out with a report proving President Trump and his supporters were right all along about the media’s bias.

The study analyzed media coverage of the president during his first 100 days in office, and the findings would be shocking if they were not so unsurprising:

The media’s “evaluations of President Trump were far more negative and less positive than those of his [three] predecessors.”

Negative coverage made up to 62 percent of total media coverage- three times higher than media coverage of Obama. And that’s not even the worst part- the worst part is, the media wasn’t even focusing on President Trump’s policies, they were focusing on his personality:

“[C]overage of Trump’s early days in office moved further away from a focus on the policy agenda (31% of stories, compared with 50% for Obama, 65% for Bush and 58% for Clinton) and toward character and leadership.” 

The research continued:

 “[O]nly about one-in-ten stories (11%) delivered an overall positive assessment of the administration’s words or actions. Four times as many (44%) offered a negative assessment, while the remaining 45% were neither positive nor negative.” 

You know, it wouldn’t even be so bad if they were just negative about his policies. If they provided structured and original arguments against President Trump’s policies, at least it would foster a dialogue and give room for debate. That they were hammering his character though shows a blatant bias and total lack of journalistic integrity that is more focused on ratings and sensationalism than actual news.

President Trump has long called out the media for their bias, but now we have empirical evidence that he was right. Check out one of his awesome rants against the media here:

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(h/t Pew)


  1. The Media Is Reporting Nothing But Lies On President Trump And Are Attacking The Trump Supporters! They Need To Report The Truth Or Be Shut Down! They Are Doing Nothing But Trying To Destroy This Country!!

  2. The Americans who have been watching the mainstream news media are finally waking up to the lies and deceit that they spew regarding our President. They are finally joining the rest of us who have known this all along and are so tired of the BS that the media calls news.

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