Oh No! This Man With Down Syndrome Just Walked Into Congress And Did UNTHINKABLE


Frank Stephens has Down Syndrome and told a Congressional committee this Wednesday that his life is “worth living.” He also condemned abortion as the “final solution.” He said that abortion advocates would kill babies like him.

“Seriously, I don’t feel I should have to justify my existence. Is there really no place for us in the world?” Mr. Stephens, a screen actor, told the Congress. “Surely happiness is worth something.” Watch the incredible video below.

“Let’s be America, not Iceland or Denmark,” Stephens said, referring to recent reports chronicling the near-100 percent abortion rate of unborn children diagnosed with Down syndrome in those countries.

According to Breitbart, the vast majority of women in Iceland that have kids that test positive with Down Syndrome abort the children. This is seen as progressive.

Share this if you think that wonderful people like Stephens above have the right to live! Spread his amazing message, y’all. God bless every child – born or unborn.


  1. I can admire his willingness to stand up for people with his condition but others may not of ever wonted to be born the way they are nor should some one have to live with such a bad condition. They need to come up with a cure to the issues before a child develops in the first place like so many other admiralty’s.

  2. abortion is murder.Every fetus should be brought to full term. My cousin was a down syndrome child who lived to almost 70.She had a better memory then anyone in the family. she enjoyed life and never complained.As Christian we must allow God’s will to be done. Linda is in heaven now with a new perfect body in the loving arms of Jesus for eternity.


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