OMG: Don Lemon LOST IT on Live TV Last Night and Cussed Out His Conservative Guest For One SICK Reason


Don Lemon is truly an embarrassment to journalism and it looks like his Trump Derangement Syndrome has finally gotten the best of him.

On his show last night, Lemon got so upset with a conservative guest that he threw all sense of professionalism out the window and whipped himself into the mother of all hissy fits.

After conservative guest, Ben Ferguson, correctly pointed out that Colin Kaepernick’s form of protest is disrespectful to our military, Lemon became visibly upset.

“I don’t know if you’re going to have a consensus as long as people simply see a lot of these players flat out disrespect for the flag,” Ferguson declared.

“It wasn’t seen that way until the president made it into an issue,” Lemon shot back.

Don Lemon then went on to insult all of America and complain that he doesn’t even understand why we should have to stand for the anthem.

Ferguson shouted that Lemon was “smarter than this.”

“Don’t tell me I’m smarter than this!” Lemon exclaimed. “Yes, I’m smarter than the bullshit answer you’re giving!”

Ferguson quickly yelled back that it wasn’t a “bullshit” answer, Don Lemon just didn’t like his answer!

The heated exchange went on non-stop until the commercial break.

It’s so refreshing to see intelligent Americans like Ben Ferguson take on hateful leftist like Don Lemon and call them out of their ignorance!

If only CNN had the courage to have more guest on like him!

I am best described as a Constitutional conservative. I strongly believe in constitutionally limited government, individual freedom, and personal responsibility. I can no longer stand on the sidelines and watch my country lose a game that we were built to master. I am speaking up! Please visit my blog and speak up with me!


  1. Would you please show me what other country that doesn’t Stop, Stand at Attention & Give respect for their National Anthem when played at an “Event”? If he doesn’t know WHY we stand for our National Anthem – please leave our country and go back to the nation of your ROOTS and let us enjoy the HONOR we have to RESPECT OURS!!

  2. The football players are spending my money by being in a stadium paid for by us the Americans to insult me while I paid to come watch a game. How about when you come to me to get your hair done I talk about my political views after you paid me to do your hair you have to sit through and be subject to my antics. Like lifting my leg to pee on you. Totally disrespecting you while sitting in my chair. Would you still want to pay me after that. Don Lemon basically said exactly what this whole thing is about. Why do it at all. That is the true motivation for this whole thing. They are not angry with Trump or the cops. It is a disobedient spirit that hates all authority and they are just angry at God. Hate fills their hearts and the followers are to stupid to realize the difference.

    • Bravo, Melissa. What we are experiencing is an attitude of, black people should be allowed to commit crimes and not be afraid of justice being handed to them, and the lie that black males are disproportionately killed by police. These protests are based on that lie and promoted by Communists and racists who are trying to continue the destruction of America fostered by Barack Hussein Obama.

  3. Don Lemon you are the problem. People that believe and act like you are the problem. You have the funds and the means to leave this country so do it, do us all a favor true Americans do us a favor and get Out!!!! Please don’t reproduce people are not born racist they are too taught to be.

  4. I cannot watch CNN without getting all bent out of shape. Their obvious leanings upset me to the point I have decided long ago not to watch that network.

  5. CNN is no longer a news organization it is a tabloid institute. producing fairy tale articles. they support and endorse racism, along with those that advertise with them, these people are not for Americans they are for the down fall of Americans, they are supporting social leeches. and the mentally degenerate. these people are not concerned with the truth, just and agenda of control. they spout racism, and socialism. and do not support Americans, watching the antics of the trash that they employ is empowering the down fall of honest news. be American and turn them off.

  6. I think it is ironic to see all these critics of our democracy, flag, constitution, anthem, mostly
    black, most employed in positions that other Americans could only hope for, constantly
    demeaning all that has allowed them to succeed and still consider themselves under Privileged ?
    Am I missing something here…you have people from all walks of life watching you on tv… paying their money to watch a football, baseball, basketball game that is overwhelmingly played by
    black athletes for exorbitant salaries and you still feel under privileged??? What ypur complaining
    about is something you can’t buy with money or violent protests it’s respect and equality in the
    community….try to lead by example…such as respect of Country and your fellow man…

  7. These players are “at work” when they are on the field! I don’t know of too many bosses who allow you to protest at work! That’s one thing these yahoos aren’t getting! Protest after “work”, on the weekends, etc., but while you are being paid by us, the customers, we don’t want to see your protests, we want to see you play! And if you can’t understand that, you may need an exam for concussion syndrome!

  8. The definition of equality, justice & the like, according to liberals, progressives & politicians, is that some are more entitled & some are less entitled. Got it? The idiots do if you don’t.

  9. Don Lemon needs to be let go from CNN everybody already hates CNN and this is one reason why to hell with CNN and to hell with anyone to disrespect the national anthem are the flag and that goes for those crybaby athletes that think they’re better than everyone else in the United States to hell with them

  10. The hell with Don Lemon and CNN this is the reason no one watches CNN they are the worst rated News Network because all they do is lie and make up lies no one is going to tolerate anyone disrespecting the national anthem the flag our president if you don’t like it leave America if you do not stand they need to take tax incentives away from the owners

  11. The left is just not used to being faced down. They are used to their screaming shutting down all challenging conversation. It took a couple of decades and Andrew Breitbart demanding that the left be challenged on their BS, before anyone ever took them on. We now have a growing number of journalists/pundits standing up for the truth and calling the left on their non-sense. It is a brave new world….pop the popcorn!

  12. What a shame…….and on national TV for heaven’s sake. They claim it’s another form of PLANTATION.
    Really, can I get a job on that cushy plantation ?

  13. Don Lemon! GO to your room and stand in the corner!!! You too, are one of the people causing trouble!! I am so sick of ALL you HATER’S I cry every day!!! Just be honest for once!!!! You ALL know why, ‘you are doing what you are doing!’ I even know why you do it!! Get over yourself!!!! STUPID is as STUPID does!!

  14. It is down right disrespect for ingrates not to stand at attention to the flag during the anthem no matter the venue for the simple reason it unites us in thanks for our independence and freedoms including protest in speech, (on your own time).

  15. Boils down to “2 Wrongs don’t make a Right”
    In America, I’m sorry but VLM TRUMPs BLM

    SOLUTION can be found in definition of a PROBLEM
    It’s defined as
    In NFL case the Result is simply DISRESPECT

    NFL SOLUTION to KNEELING is to have players SALUTE
    Nothing shows RESPECT more than a full on MILITARY SALUTE
    It’d create a BALANCE between BLM Protest & Respect for VLM

  16. Who decreed that we had to stand and who decreed that kneeling is disrespectful. I stand because I want and if kneel, it’s also because I want. How often have I seen people at games still sitting, or texting, or talking and laughing. Folks look at the whole picture. I believe the players knelt because they believe in what the FLAG stands for; LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL. And until we walk on their shoes, we can then speak with our feeling. Minorities and women continue to be pushed the the back and I’m sure most “whites” would agree with me.


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