Paul Ryan Just Got Up And Said Six Shocking Words That Had Congress TREMBLING in Fear

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Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (D-WI) has not always been the strongest Republican leader. That being said, with the year nearly over and Congress still unable to pass some key pieces of legislation such as healthcare reform, Ryan has stepped up to the plate to get something done.

The next big piece of legislation the House is looking to pass is tax reform. President Trump campaigned for a simplified tax code that would see more Americans bringing home more of their paychecks. While speaking at the Heritage Foundation, Ryan gave a stern warning that if Congress could not pull through for the American people again, they’d be working over Christmas:

“We’re going to keep people here for Christmas if we have to. I don’t care. We have to get this done.”

“We have to get this done.”- Those are six words Congress probably isn’t used to hearing!

The last time the tax code was overhauled was in 1986. Republicans currently control the legislative and executive branches, creating an ideal situation to enact much-needed major reforms.

Ideally, Congress won’t even have to go into an extended session. According to Ryan, they are actually on track to get the new tax legislation passed and over to the Senate in November.

Either way, it looks very promising that our political leaders are finally ready to buckle down and work for the American people. We will be covering tax reform very closely- so stay tuned!

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  1. He is just trying for a CYA deal so he won’t be voted out of his job and his being a congressperson of a party he is committing treason to.

  2. The FAIR tax has been sitting in ways and means committee for years! Just pass it. The Senate already has the same bill ready to roll. Stop the madness and let the people keep ALL their paycheck. Let each individual citizen decide when and how much tax they pay by what they purchase. Let employers save those compliance costs to invest in their companies and hire more workers and pay a higher wage. Make all the underground economy transparent and collect those taxes painlessly. End the cronyism and corruption instantly. Come on! We want the fair tax NOW!

  3. I hope that he is being honest with us and time will tell if Congress has to spend their time off staying in session. I will put my trust in him one more time

  4. This is just a ploy. He’s going to try and make himself the good guy all the while knowing that Mitch McConnel is going to do nothing. So, he comes out as the big guy for the people. They already have this planned. It’s not going to pass. The ones running for re-election will vote for it and the ones not running will vote against it. This is the game both sides have been playing for years. What they don’t realize is now “We The People” have caught up with their tactics. They already have it fixed; those who are going to vote for it and those who aren’t and you can bet your last dollar there will be more not voting to pass this. I’m telling all of my countrymen when you vote next year don’t look at the voting records of these people for the last few months, look at their entire voting records for the last 6 years.

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