Puerto Rican Cop Just Called Radio Station To Leak Something That’ll DESTROY San Juan Mayor


This story is breaking across the news desk. A very emotional female police officer from Puerto Rico’s police department in Guaynabo called into a US Spanish radio station to give people the real scoop about what is happening in Puerto Rico.

The call was recorded on September 28th. It shows the corruption within the Puerto Rican Government and the Municipal authority of San Juan especially. Watch the video below:

Oh just so you know… The video is not an English. Subtitles have been included in the video and a transcript of the call in English is below.

Before reading the transcript. We need to get this video out there everywhere. This totally kills the mainstream media’s narrative in Puerto Rico. Hit that share button now.

English Transcript:

Radio Announcer: What is your name?

Police Caller: I cannot give my name because I work for Puerto Rico’s Police Department. I need to pass this information out because the stuff that is being brought from the U.S. is not being distributed.  They are not allowing the Puerto Rican people to receive the donations.

Radio Announcer: What part of Puerto Rico are you calling us from right now?

Police Caller: I am right now in Guaynabo.

Radio Announcer 2: Wow.

Radio Announcer 3: But what information do you have? What have you seen?

Police Caller: The Mayor, Carmen Yulin, is not allowing anyone to distribute… We need… what Puerto Ricans need is that the U.S. armed forces come in and distribute the aid. And that they stop the governor, Rosello, and the mayor, Yulin, on doing what they are doing… It’s an abuse, it looks like communism, in our own island (sobbing)… (sobbing continues, inaudible translation due to cries)…

Police Caller (cont.): People are helping us, but they are not accepting it, they are not accepting anymore help supposedly: “they have to wait for the license, that there are no buses.” …Let me tell you something Boricuas (Puerto Ricans) are dying of hunger (crying continues) … This is a bureaucracy, everything has to be protocol, the lines are stretched. …We can only give one box of water per person (sobbing continues).  …The medics here, people are dying, the hospitals are in crisis.

Police Caller (cont.): I am embarrassed, as a Boricua to work for Puerto Rico’s police and see that we cannot do anything.  There are dozens and thousands and thousands of food and when people ask we cannot give anything away because [Mayor] Carmen Yulin says that we cannot take anything out; because everything is a soap opera, everything is a show and there have to be cameras here and there.  ….Because you know they are just looking for votes for the upcoming years.

Radio Announcer 2: Wow

Police Caller: And the governor won’t move unless there is a camera behind him; [Mayor] Carmen Yulin won’t move unless there is a camera behind her.  This is how we are living in Puerto Rico, meanwhile artists are giving money and the people of Florida are sending stuff, and I don’t know how many more people are helping because we have very limited communication, very limited, and we have no idea what’s going on outside; and the people who are sending stuff, they have to come in; they have to come to help Puerto Rico and distribute what is being wasted …because what else are we going to do?  You tell me, what are we going to do?

Radio Announcer #2: Of course the desperation.

Radio Announcer #3: We are with our hearts broken listening to you describing this situation which is heartbreaking when we know that so many people are helping …this is a police officer speaking.

Police Caller: I’ve been for one hour and a half just trying to download an application because the phones that they give to us I cannot use them as a police officer due to security measures.  But I need to speak for the people because the people are suffering.  Because I, as a cop, and other partners are seeing it.   A lot of people have been posting videos (sobbing – inaudible)  …and no-one is paying attention.

Radio Announcer #3: We are truly sorry for this situation, we did not know that..

Police Caller:  If Cuba and Venezuela want to help and we are grateful for that; and that the government denies their help, the government denies Cuba’s help. …That they reject Venezuela’s help, …Look for God’s sake!  Tell me how is that possible, we need help.

Radio Announcer #3: We are going to send this message out so that it gets to where it needs to get to…

Police Caller:  We want the U.S. to come in, that the strongest forces come in and take the governor out, he is not doing anything, he is just going around and around, …and everyone is like: “oh, look how nice, the governor, he is going in the mud, he is going in the water”, And where is it?  Pardon the expression: WHERE IS THE FOOD?

Police Caller (cont.):  Look, grab the food, grab the sausage can and take it to the families! Stop the show! The governor is just doing a show, is all a show.  There are many mayors that are suffering because they cannot do anything for their people.

Radio Announcer #2: What are they doing with the food? Is it being kept in storage because they are not allowing to give it out?

Police Caller: They are not doing anything, and they tell the harbors (ports) that they cannot bring stuff anymore.  If the U.S. government doesn’t get involved they will finish us.  We are going to end up worse.  …Worse than Cuba, Africa, or worse than Haiti.  We are living in an era that you don’t want to see, people are desperate.  The gasoline, people are already killing each other. Not to rob you, they are doing it so they can be the firsts to get food and take it to their families.

Police Caller (cont.): Do you know what it is when a woman approaches me and tells me “I don’t have any more.” “I don’t know what else to give my kids because I don’t have anymore.” “Water and crackers”!

Radio Announcer #1: Sweetie, thank you for calling us and using this medium to denounce this situation; and good thing that it was you who explained this so that people don’t think that we are making up stuff; because this has nothing to do with politics. This is a very serious situation.

Police Caller: Very Serious (sobbing continues)

This video needs to get out to all of America. Keep fighting Puerto Ricans. We are praying for you.

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  1. She will be telling the truth and someone needs to go there and do something with the mayor and the governor ! This is a disgrace ! And needs to be dealt with harshly !

    • Amen, they need President Trump to send MASSIVE forces in to bring the government under control and give these people the food and help they need!!

      • What games? The Republicans control all three branches of government. We are truly a weak sister party if we cannot take full advantage of this. Our own ineptitude, not the dutiful Dems, is the cause. And maybe Trump’s the answer, maybe not, but we need to keep our eyes on the prize.

  2. I can understand if it was the red cross or FEMA or any group like that to hold the aide back but why would their government hold it back? This would be the time to shine I would think.

    • The American Red Cross wouldn’t be much better. There were videos during the FL hurricane that on the east coast FIFTY (50) tractor-trailer loads from all over the United States filled with food, clothes, baby diapers, wipes, toilet paper, paper towels, garbage bags were dumped into the Atlantic Ocean. The EPA were informed by the citizens and they turned their heads and did nothing. I will never given another dime to the American Red Cross. If FL did not need those items, they could have put those trailers on boats and sent them to Puerto Rico and/or the Virgin Islands. The American Red Cross was founded by communists and I feel still is managed by communist/socialist/liberal left-wingers.

      • The people who want to help should give to either the Salvation Army or Samaritan’s Purse. They do a great job and only a very tiny portion of the funds go to overhead. The American Red Cross has become a giant scam–the execs there collect enormous salaries and they are themselves part of the giant, globalist totalitarian machine. They would rather die than do anything to gain credit for President Trump. They are in league with the extremely corrupt officials of Puerto Rico–to the point where the people of Puerto Rico are expendable to serve their evil political aims.

        • You are so correct! Anything to hurt Trump! But we’re on to them, Trump is doing a fantastic job and that’s problem with the Left/ communists!
          I’m never giving to the Red Cross, it’s a money making scheme for the burocracy that’s in charge of it. Salvation Army & Samaritan’s purse are both great charities worthy of your donations!

    • Why would you blame FEMA for holding aid back, what axe have you to grind, they are working to help the people. The corrupt Puerto Rican government is who is creating the chaos and not giving the aid the people need.

  3. President Trump, send our military down there and get the supplies out to the people. I’m sure our men and women of the military have NO problem going down there and making sure things are happening the right way!

  4. President TRUMP do something about this. I know for fact this is happening. I have several friends that live here and has family who are starving for food and water. Call kathy naziio from queen valley az. We have a plea for help for her family in san juan a drive for food and water clothing generators but having trouble getting it shipped. Their corrupt government are letting people die from their greed. Please all we have sent is settinf on docks and in ships in the bay. No politics just send in marshall law.

  5. Declare martial law.send federal agents to arrest these people that the police officer is talking about. this sounds like an American political move. If any of this is true it will show.The people of Puerto Rico are Americans and Trump is treating them as such.we are in a political time of deep state and lies, deceit espionage Treason and corruption that is deep in government.fill up the prisons with all the scum in government!!

  6. This is a disgrace, to withhold food and supplies. It sounds like Korea. She should be tarred and feathered. How can she do this to her own people. Somehow this info has to get to Trump!

  7. Clearly something is very wrong. More and more we the people are seeing our leaders leading us into danger and keeping us in danger. The few are ruining it for the world and the world must rise up and take back what is our from those who seek to enslave us as this police officer is clearly revealing. Even if not everything she says is true, some being perspective or frustration or whatever, she is clearly pronouncing a dramatic problem in an awful event and the U.S. must act to find out what is going on – Puerto Ricans are still American’s!

  8. …too bad Mayor Cruz was so busy making custom politicized ball caps and T-Shirts that she didn’t have time to participate in the daily Emergency Management aka Unified Incident Command System meetings. As such she not only failed miserably at being part of the coordinated efforts, but also orchestrated more chaos for the crisis. But hey, now she has more time to complain while being totally lost and incompetent to include not even being able to recognize pallets of food behind her.

  9. It’s not totally surprising considering that both politicians belong to the demented, unhinged democrats. Who are most likely are being coached by the liberals on what to do to make Trump look bad and uncaring. They need to continually paint President Trump as some kind of ogre or monster. I think Trump should send in the national guard to distribute supplies for all, bypassing these corrupt liberals. It could about instigating violence down the road. Who’s doing the coaching? My guess is the Clinton’s, just from their past track record alone. I remembered that Hillary made a statement last week blaming Trump for not caring enough and that she added she wasn’t sure that Trump didn’t know that Puerto Rico was a US territory, and a day later Whoopi used the same statement word for word. Trump is very well aware that Puerto Rico is a US territory, but I can’t same the same thing for Nancy Pelosi, who said she wanted to give them US citizenship because of the hurricane. It’s disgusting that they are playing these sick and twisted political games that affect the people living under these horrible conditions for some kind of political payback for losing an election. Keep up the work and you’ll NEVER win another election ever again. My concern for this brave female police officer came forward. I’m afraid she’ll end up committing suicide, unexpectedly.

  10. The U.S. military needs to go there asap! The mayor and the governor may need to be arrested. It is inconceivable that they are doing Nothing when resources have been there for several days or longer. People can go without food a lot longer than they can go without water. That mayor was giving her hateful speech with hundreds of bottles of water in cases RIGHT BEHIND WHERE SHE WAS STANDING! If people die due to lack of water and food it lays at the feet of the mayor’s and governor’s ineptitude bordering on criminal negligence.

  11. You are so correct! Anything to hurt Trump! But we’re on to them, Trump is doing a fantastic job and that’s problem with the Left/ communists!
    I’m never giving to the Red Cross, it’s a money making scheme for the burocracy that’s in charge of it. Salvation Army & Samaritan’s purse are both great charities worthy of your donations!

  12. You made a story about a video with no provenance from someone who only put up ONE video – this one – and is using a stock photo as her picture? Really? How embarrassing that you think this is real.

  13. When will the world population understand that many democratic politicians are Satanists. A lot of them have been tricked into it through occult methods. And they use weaponized weather among many evil devices. Why would the word of God warn that He will destroy those that destroy the earth. God cannot lie. He mentions it twice. The agenda of the UN is to kill billions of people. Trump knows it . Thats why they have a hate campaign against President Trump and God. We should have a God campaign that doesn’t end. Lord please protect these people and bless them many of them Love you very much.

  14. As a Puertorican I started to believe her for a moment, but as soon as she began to talk about Cuba, Venezuela and votes for next election her credibility dropped completely, she is a great actress and should be in tv-novelas.
    That is my opinion on these and things like these confuse people the most and are not doing any benefit to the people of the island as a whole…
    One positive thing to her credit is her suggestion on let in the army take over in handling the whole operation over there was not only direct but intelligent.
    Puertoricans have not changed too much since the Spanish colonization and the transition into becoming an American possession they haven’t matured enough to become them and have lived in two cultures for 150 years and are still assimilating with remnants of past culture. It is about time they make up their minds “you don’t bite up the hand that feeds you.”

  15. I knew this would happen I believe every word that police woman said..this is a corrupt government they will rape and pillar and then run like hell off to bimini where all the government thieves go..this always happens becasueu their is no accountability no overseers… What is wrong with people when will they learn to do the right thing?

  16. Amazing bunch of welfare receipients…that explains why Puerto Rico is in debt by billions of dollars…my saying…the Captain sinks with the ship…bunch of Lazy Bastards…


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