RIGHT In Middle Of Speech, Melania Turned And Suddenly Everyone Saw Chilling Thing Behind Her

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Melania Trump is wonderful and holds herself with such dignity and respect. Today, she gave a very heartfelt speech about the opioid epidemic that has been raping our nation.

Look what was right behind her the whole time. At about 2:30 minutes in she turned and did the incredible.

There was someone incredible behind Melania. You can watch the video below.

Now, watch the video. The incredible moment happens at 2:30 minutes in.

The first lady then turned around to kiss a recovering addict and tell her that she is praying for her. God bless our first lady. She is so darn wonderful.

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Do you think Melania is better than Michelle? Sound off below. Thanks, patriots.

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  1. Melania is real. She has true compassion for people. She didn’t have to give this woman a kiss on the cheek, nor did she have to cradle an infant in her arms. The drug epidemic in this Country is so heartbreaking what it does to families, friends, and neighborhoods. I applaud Melania, she is doing a fantastic job as First Lady ! I give Melania a 10++++ I dislike rating people, but just want her to know America is very proud of her !

  2. Mrs. Trump ( Melania),

    Many thanks for your poise and intelligence, this Country needed you to be in the public eye supporting your husband, our President. I am very impressed with you, not only for your beauty but your kindness to America. Florida for Trump!

  3. There is no comparison between the two people. Melania is light-years ahead of Michelle (Mitchell, as per Obama). Let’s stop comparing the two. We all know there is no comparison. Melania is world’s ahead of Michelle!

  4. Very proud of Melania of what she does for America and her concerns for family and children’s. They are the future generations and very concerned of what there future will be of what is going on of so much hatred and bullying!!!! I am so glad that Melania and our President are concerned for all children’s well-being now and future generations. Thank you Melania for everything you do about drugs problems and other things concerned about children’s of all ages. We love you Melania!!!

  5. Very Proud of First Lady Melanie Trump! She is an inspiration to those who have suffered and some thar are still suffering from the Opioid addiction! We are very blessed for all she does to encourage and assist others in need! Thank you for helping others to overcome addictions!

  6. I think she great. More beauty and class always smiling happy inside and out. What an elegant dresser. You can’t compare these to women. She’s also a dedicated mother and takes that job serious. Great work!!!!

  7. Thank you First Lady Melania and President Trump for e,cepti g the challenge to stop opiods and addition pushed by DoctorsandBig Pharma. This epidemic is outrageous and unacceptable. We all need to help our fellow Americans. Thank you again.

  8. I am so proud and thankful for our First Lady, Melania. She is so beautiful, so sweet, loves our Lord, and she is a wonderful First Lady. We are so very blessed to have our President and Our First Lady.

  9. Security and more Secret Service protection is needed for the entire Trump family! The lef is going to try anything and everything to get to them!

  10. You are a wonderful First Lady. So glad you are getting involved with this epidemic in this country. Too many children dying. Thank you.

  11. Flotus is one smart, caring, classy and beautiful Lady. She is both lovely inside and outside. We are fortunate she is our first Lady. God Bless her and our President.

  12. America has been blessed by Donald’s election and the presence of such a magnificent First Lady. I’m sure her dedication to this dreadful opiod epidemic will be totally positive. God bless America

  13. One very smart lady and first class in every thing she does. And I love to here her talk it’s like a breath of fresh air. It make you feel like your living in a dream world.

  14. Thank you after 8years of of nothing we finally have a First Lady that really cares, tThank you again and god bless you for your help in the drug addiction that has come front and center in our nation


  16. She reminds me so much of JFK’s wife Jackie, and Princess Diane from the UK……….truly a Carling woman……….GOD BLEES MELANIA, THE PRESIDENT AND THIS BIG BEAURIFUL COUNTRY.

  17. You are a great First Lady and I’m so proud to have you as our First Lady and to help all our children in the USA we need you to be there for all our children to fight against this drug problem to wipe it out. Thank you so much for caring both you and The President are in our prayers. God bless you!!!!

  18. First Lady Melania is a “Lady” in the truest meaning of the word! I’m 55+ years old and I had a Mom and Auntie’s who were “ladies” also and they taught me what it meant to be a lady and not as my one Auntie put it, “a broad!” Yes, my Auntie’s were older and were the product of a very correct, disciplined upbringing by my Grandmother who had come from Norway in the late 1890’s to America! And I can tell you that in everything our First Lady Melania has done since assuming her role has been that of a Lady in her dress, demeanor, comportment and speech! First Lady Melania is poised, beautiful, intelligent, gracious, well spoken, kind and caring when she could easily be otherwise as we have seen so sadly displayed during the previous 8 years! First Lady Melania is a joy to have representing us in the White House to the world! It brings tears to my eyes to see such a fine young woman as our First Lady! And I just have to say one last thing, I can’t wait for Christmas this year as I believe both President Trump and First Lady Melania will bring back the true meaning and beauty of this special Christian Holiday to the White House and to our Country and it will be a joy to behold! If I could say one thing to our First Lady it would be, “Thank You for bringing class, decency, grace and beauty back to our White House and our Country!” God Bless President Trump and First Lady Melania and of course their adorable son, Barron!

  19. God bless & protect our beloved First Lady Melania. Too everyone who has posted, a big thank you for your kind support. Your words are so sincere.

  20. very classy lady ,I think she doing a great ,secret service needs to keep a close eye on her she is talking opoids abuses they are right,it also how someone making millions off people who addict will do anything to keep on making millions dollars..I heard rumor of lady paid 1500.00 for person get rx and fill it for her, I work in healthcare in pharmacy and ER .In pharmacy people are really addicted when they steal rx pad write their own prescription .in they ER come using different names to receive opoids or pain meds..

  21. No, not at all! I’ll bet every word she spoke was taken from a Michelle O speech. Plus, you can barely understand her and she has ZERO personality…yawn!!

    • Dawn,,,,wow,,,,Melania does not have to copy anything from michelle,,,,now how many languages does michelle speak,,,,,Melania is fluent in six different,,,,oh,,do you even know what fluent means..

    • Dawn, you are so stupid that you would even admit your stupidity. To even look, at our beautiful and intelligent First Lady and say such a stupid remark is unbelievable. Michelle could never speak this elliquently in any language. Melania does not need this woman’s speech. You are nothing but a brainwashed fool. Poor you, you fool!.

  22. This horrrid addiction problem begain when Joint Hospital, who licenses hosp. Delareced pain a fifth vital sign- compelling drs and nurses to treat their pain on a scale 1 to 10. Pts who state their pain is an eight even though they are talking on the phone or laughing with visitors -we are compelled to treat their pain!

  23. Melania trump is wonderful
    Micheal odummer can’t even hold a candle to her that’s a fact Micheal odummer / Michelle so called that is was the very very worst hate to say it first thing to ever be in the WH don’t know weather to call it a she / or he but never was it
    A First Lady anymore than its husband was a president they were the worst and still
    Are till
    This day the worst to
    Ever occupy the WH president trump and the First Lady and the first family are a total blessing for our country god bless them and keep them safe and protect them with his armor of love ❤️ God bless the USA And President Trump and the first family

  24. Calling people spiteful names makes you even worse. Who do you think YOU are to call the previous President and First Lady vicious names? Oh, you are mimicking our illustrious president.


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