Sarah Sanders Just ENDED The Russia Investigation In Epic Rant Going Viral

Source: What House

Sarah Huckabee Sanders has wit, sass, and panache. And she’s not afraid to bring it to work every day. During her press conference on Thursday she brought the hammer down on the Senate Intelligence Committee, imploring the Senators to wrap up their investigation into Trump-Russia collusion in the 2016 election.

Here’s exactly what she said:

The Senate Intel Committee told us yesterday that after nearly nine months of investigating – that’s included more than 100 interviews over 250 hours; 4,000 pages of transcripts; 100,000 pages of documents; interviewing officials in the intelligence community, who wrote the report on Russian election meddling; interviewing relevant Obama administration officials, and talking to every Trump campaign official they’ve requested – it’s literally found zero evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.”

She continued:

“I think the American people would like them to focus on some other things.

Watch it here!

That’s right! Sarah Sanders told it exactly like it is. I have to admit, in the beginning of the Russian investigation, I was looking forward to seeing Democrats waste their time chasing this obviously crazy story. But now it’s October and God only knows how much money, resources, and time has been poured into this investigation which continues to turn up nothing.

Meanwhile, President Trump tweeted out a suggested for the Intel Committee instead:

Naturally, the Senate Intel Committee will keep doing what it wants, probably keep wasting our time and money, and almost certainly continue to come up empty handed. But Sarah Sanders just showed the world exactly how ridiculous they’ll look if they do.

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(h/t Washington Examiner)



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