BEAT DOWN: What Neil Gorsuch Just Did To Ginsburg Will Rock The Supreme Court


The fall term of the Supreme Court of the United States has just started up and already there’s a not unexpected rivalry brewing.

As you know, Trump appointed Neil Gorsuch as the newest Justice, after Obama was unable to get his nominee through. And that pissed a LOT of Democrats off.

And let’s just say, Ruth Bader Ginsburg (or RGB as she is known) leans way left.

Gorsuch wants to follow the Constitution, as he should. During a recent oral argument, he said to one attorney “[m]aybe we can just for a second talk about that arcane matter, the Constitution.”

RBG came at Gorsuch, trying to shut him down.  But it didn’t work.  He continued asking questions, one coming less than a minute after RBG tried unsuccessfully to shut him up.

They traded barbs again just a week later during oral argument in another case.  Gorsuch, again, wanting to follow the Constitution.  RBG, on the other hand, noting how the SCOTUS has otherwise interpreted it.

SNL knows:

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It could just be a seniority thing; however RGB made it quite clear during the election what she though of Trump:  “I can’t imagine what the country would be with Donald Trump as our president.  For the country, it could be four years.  For the court, it could be –I don’t even want to contemplate that.”

And this:  “He is a faker.  He has no consistency about him.  He says whatever comes into his head at the moment.  He really has an ego.  How has he gotten away with not turning over his tax returns?”   

Me thinks RGB may be taking out her feelings on Gorsuch now.  What do you think?  Please comment and Share.

[H/T The Daily Caller and Fox News]

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  1. Ginsburg should retire. Senility has set in, and if she doesn’t know how to interpret the constitution, that’s just one more reason for her to go.

  2. Any person on the Supreme Court who does not follow the constitution should themselves be disqualified and immediately removed from the bench. These people are a disgrace to America and to the position they hold.

    • the Constitution says they can remain in office for life under good behavior of course it’s not spelled that way it’s spelled the old English way; i.e., behaviour. The definition of that word in the first edition of Noah Webster’s Dictionary was to do their job as it was directed for them to do.
      Article 3 also states that the Supreme Court will make their rulings based on the Constitution.
      The problem is, is that the Senate is supposed to review and Center their activities. They’re so busy doing things they are not supposed to do Under the Constitution that they can’t do their job either!

  3. Ginsburg has been speaking like an old yenta not a scotus member.And sometimes does not treat us nice.When we lose some of our better judgement and speak out of order is one.We are fighting a condition that is too much for us to deal with. She would be better to retire, then to be a thorn in the side of another member who is a constitutionalist.

  4. She Needs To Be Removed From Office The Way She Has No Respect For President Trump! She Has No Right To Make Any Decisions Or Vote On Anything In Regards To President Trump! It Is A Disgrace When You Have A Member Of Congress That Has Bashed Our President Numerous Times On The Media And Nothing Has Been Done To Correct This! Then You See Congress In Meetings And She Is Sleeping Wow! We Have Some Real Upstanding People In Congress!!

  5. Big company’s have a set amount of years and your retired or fired, this supreme court judge is so far into old age that she is falling asleep on the job, time she retired or forced to either way, she was not suppose to become a politician but a supreme court judge.

  6. I feel sorry for the ole gal, I would not have her settle a dispute on anything. She is not in the real world! She is so BIAS against our President.

  7. What else would you expect from her. She is a proud graduate of Columbia University. The very same which gives us the home of PC culture. She is their star pupil, a shining example of their idealogy. It just showes that she lets her emotions rule her life. The constitution is something that is a guide and not the law according to her way of thinking. But that is the way of the left. These laws are for the deplorables.

  8. Ginsburg wants nothing to do with maintaining and preserving our constitution which is a complete contradiction to the seat she holds. She has been a member of the Supreme Court for almost 15 years. It’s time for her wrinkled Anti-America a** to step aside and allow someone who loves this country and believes in our Constitution to take her place. Her politically correct mentality mixed with her job is part of what is destroying this country.

  9. Ginsburg naps to hide her senility…when she speaks, you know she’s BATSHIT CRAZY..give her the pension and a lawn chair and put her on an ICE FLOE….

  10. When we loose the Constitution of the United States of America, “We The People ” will have lost it ALL. RBG is a poor example of the liberal type thinking for the American People. Not for Me.

    • It is Congress s job to remove those Judges who comity bad behavior from the bench. That means making decisions in violation of our Constitutions.

  11. RBG is just a hateful, bitter old bird, who has no life but the court job and is miserable and wants everybody miserable with her. She shouldn’t be on the court, she is too old and too bias against Republicans.

  12. RBG is so biased against Pres Trump she should be not included in cases pertaining to laws passed by congress with the lead of the Pres. She is the first outspoken traitor I’ve seen and heard in our SCOTUS. IF POSSIBLE SHE NEEDS TO BE TAKEN FROM THE COURT AND REPLACED BY NONE OTHER THAN Pres Trump.

  13. The Constitution was written using unambiguous words. Since the meaning of every statement made in it would be said to mean the same thing to all educated men reading it WHY do we have all these “word manipulators (Attorneys & judges) serving in Congress and the Court? For those who will wonder at my statement here is the reason for it…”There are no official qualifications for becoming a Supreme Court justice. The Constitution spells out age, citizenship and residency requirements for becoming president of the United States or a member of Congress but mentions no rules for joining the nation’s highest court”
    So have these people been feeding us a bunch of BS?

  14. She is a disgrace to the Court. She has survived 2 fatal (to most people) illnesses and will probably
    stay on the court until she is 112, sleeping away. Sleeping is good because awake she makes a
    fool of herself. Some of these people who are so old and still kicking around with their” hate everyone
    and everything are likely propped up by the Devil to whom they have sold their souls. GS comes to
    mind right away. Taking up air on the planet.

  15. I think Ginsburg should resign and go away because she is no longer capable of rational thought and upholding our Constitution!

  16. Liberty and Progressivism are polar opposites. The Right is now learning the hard way that you do not appease or negotiate with The Left. They must be utterly destroyed at the ballot box, in the courts and now at the schools. Aggressive Conservatism is, must, and will be the new norm forthwith and hereafter.

  17. is it possible to impeach a justice for cause? If it is Ginzo should be the first one. Her public blatant prejudice goes so far beyond judicial impropriety it isn’t funny. – She has to go one way otr the other.

  18. Like Methuselah said…”Nobody gets out of this life alive.” Her days are numbered and she will die knowing that Mr. Trump will likely appoint another Conservative Constitutional Justice as her replacement.

  19. Is RGB still alive? Can’t prove it by me. Heck, this old hag looks like she’s been dead, buried, had lunch with satan, and satan puked on her. He must have looked at her. Well one thing for sure, she will not be around to see what the future supreme court will be like and it will be eight years, not four you idiot hag.

  20. Age can be a devastating thing on once brilliant minds. And if they were never brilliant in the first place, well, as the two previous comments suggest, the time has come to bid goodbye, Madam Justice.

  21. She is in need of a trip to the bathroom, long extended stay on the potty, to relieve her stinking thinking. My God, they may take the rest of her life!

  22. RGB has done a lot of damage to our country and to we the people. Her uber left liberal/progressive anti American opinions have put our Nation in jeopardy. Every decision she’s made has been against our Constitution. She continued to show how classless she was when she made those vile vicious remarks about President Trump. Anyone holding the position that she holds with any kind of common sense would know better than to do that. It’s more than time for her to retire. The sooner the better.

  23. Granted, the Donald sometimes gets caught up in stream of consciousness although he often speaks with succinct clarity. The press on the other hand is nothing but a pack of fiction writers. Ten fold increase in our nuclear arsenal was a real whopper. I’d wager Trump thinks nuclear weapons are bad for business. I’d wager he love to see a ten fold decrease, but not in these times.

  24. If the story is true then Justice Gorsuch is correct. The Supreme Court justices need to follow the rule of law which outlined so eloquently by the constitution. Ruthy baby Ginsburg is nothing but an old bird who should have retired over a decade ago. Her vision of what the United States should be like is the same kind of vision that Sodom and Gamorrah had over 4000 years ago. And we all know what happened to those two places, right? Ruthy Baby Ginsburg needs to hang up her little black robe and tape up her irritating squeaky voice and go riding off to the distant land of obscurity just like her amoral boss Barack Obama did.

  25. Ginsburg, like McCain, can’t see the forest of the past prime time players because of the trees. They both do a disservice to America. Ginsburg, becaue if she doesn’t like Trump she should keep her mouth shut unless there is a question before the Court. McCain, because he is running in “getting even” with Trump. When your personal agenda is greater than the common good, you should take it home with you and stay there.

  26. How could she possibly know what is going on in there when ever you see her, there she’s having a nap must be nice making the kind of money she makes and sleeps throughout the work day as if she was at home in her recliner where she should be ..


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