SHE’S DONE! ESPN Host Called Trump a Racist, What She Said Now Will Cost Her EVERYTHING


Yesterday, Vice President Mike Pence walked out of the Colts/49ers NFL game in Indianapolis after watching several members of San Francisco’s squad take a knee and disrespect the national anthem.

He’s tired of the BS, just as we all are.

After hearing what Pence did, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones made it abundantly clear to his players: if you kneel, you are benched!

Now, ESPN host Jemele Hill – the one who called President Trump a ‘white supremacist’ and a ‘bigot’ but wasn’t suspended from the network – says fans should boycott the Cowboys.

Is she out of her mind? Check out her rant…

It’s time for ESPN to say something to Hill once and for all. She can’t keep costing her employers money like this.

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  1. For Jemele, everything seems to be about race. Regardless of the venue, it’s always about race. She’s obsessed with it. It takes precedence over the game or anything else. Despite what they say & enormous evidence to the contrary, she insists that Trump & Pence are racists.

    She needs to bone up on the words & teaching of Dr King. He would never agree with her bigotry.

  2. This protesting is out of control and this commentator needs to be fired. Her bias against Trump is based on nothing but race

  3. Race , Race , Race , It’s About Time Everyone Put That Damn Race Card In The Trash Where It Belong’s , I Am So Damn Sick Of All This B.S. , Grow The Hell Up America While We Still Have A Country To Grow Up And Grow Old In.

  4. And As For The NFL , All Of You Butt Hurt Cry Babies That Get Paid 10 Times What Your Worth Crying Because Your Oppressed , You Poor Little Things , My Heart Bleeds For You ; LIKE HELL , Your Damn Bedroom’s Cost More Than My Whole Damn House , So Suck It The Hell Up You Damn Buttercups And Get Real Job’s If You Really Want Yo Feel Opressed

  5. A true black racist! If she does not think that our National Anthem represents freedom for ALL AMERICANS then maybe she ought to find another country. Maybe she and Colin can move to Cuba. Then maybe she will realize what true freedom is all about!

  6. I no longer watch any NFL. I cancelled my Direct TV Sunday NFL package. I don’t watch any espn talk shows and especially JH. Doesn’t espn execs, know their customer demographics? Most of us are middle-class hard working Americans, who turn on espn for SPORTS! Not politics!

  7. That race-card would look better in a camp-fire…because it does NOT belong anywhere else in America……
    That woman (if you would call her that) does NOT belong as a national TV host. She has only got the brain of a five year old…..and keep on reaching for a damned cane that she can lean on…….she is definitely not one of Dr. King’s disciples, and it looks very much like she is stanfing in front of a mirror when she talks, because otherwise she would not be talking like she does………………..she must not be liking herself very much……

  8. I stopped watching Football, and ESPN last year. Both orginizations can go bankrupt and disappear for all I care. She is the poster child for all ESPN hosts, and their mentors.

  9. She actually thinks fans are loving the kneeling but she is another out of touch libtard douche bag. Time for her to go. again.Im a cowboys fan from way back and kinda knew jerry was better than that.

  10. I totally agree with her Hitler Trump with puppy dog of Vice President Pence should stick to politics instead of acting like we live in a totalitarian State we can choose to stand, sit, or kneel during the American Anthem. There’s no a law that says we must. The NFL players should sue Hitler Trump for starting this fiasco. DO not let them try to include this in your next collective bargaining agreement. If you can’t see what this is you’re blind.

    • Are you really as stupid as you sound? I’d say “YES!” Do you stand when are National Anthem is played or do you sit??? I can tell you, the NFL and NBA have “NO” respect for our Flag or our COUNTRY. Do us all a favor, if you don’t like the Flag or Our Anthem move the H3LL out of our country too somewhere which is better. Maybe North Korea, Iran, or Iraq. You are the PROBLEM and NONE of the SOLUTIOIN. And WE are not Blind, you are the one.

  11. Oh well! Tired of racist people like her using the race card if someone doesn’t agree with you way of thinking! Hope they fire her ass! It’s kinda funny how these fool kneel, but has anyone brought up the fact that ISIS always kneels before they kill someone. Nope probably not.

  12. Doc get your head out of your a–! And wake up. Jerry Jones Ownes the Cowboys and he has the right to set any guide line he want for his team, and if they don’t like it they are free to leave, but I wonder just how strong their conviction are, will they give up millioms of dollars on a contract just to protest or are they All show and no go just like the people who don’t know what they are talking about posting comments, this is not a federal offense, this is a private owned organization, so check it out before you say stupid shit


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