While Speaking To Air Force Base, A MIRACLE Appeared Behind Mike Pence That Made The Crowd Yell


Mike Pence gave a speech to the airman at the Minot Air Force Base after reviewing the B-52 bombers and Intercontinental Ballistic Missile silos that dot the North Dakota countryside there.

While there Pence said 7 shocking words about Trump. Watch below.

God bless them. The miracle behind Pence is Donald Trump. He is single-handedly saving the US military and giving it the resources it needs.

Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson and Defense Secretary James Mattis visited the airbase this month as well.

Share this if you are so, so, so glad that we have Trump! Let’s show him how much love we have for our military. God bless all of our troops. May they sleep safely tonight.


  1. It is common sense that we give our military all that they need, and what they need is ample supplies to combat anything that is thrown at us. To do this we must be ready and able to thwart off any and all weaponry that could possibly be used against us. I credit our President for being aware of this and the foresight to fill our military properly.

  2. Good article, but do the editors ever match the article with the random headline? I hate a headline telling me I’m going to read about a miracle & reading an article with ZERO miracles…

  3. Beautiful words from our Vice President and praise of our special President Trump. God bless our military who protect all Americans every day of their lives

  4. Thank you vise president Pence for the great work you and PresIdent TRUMP are doing, I remember during WWII when the American people we’re behind the war effort, we the people are with you now.

  5. Sanity in the Executive branch of our government. Too bad it is not shared with the Legislative branch. There, the dollar still rules and is their basic house of prayer.

  6. Vice President Pence is so smart and so dignified. A great representative for America. President Trump and Pence are doing a great job in spite of Congress, CNN, and all the other Haters.

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