Tom Brady Overrules Anti-Flag NFL Players, Fires Shot Heard Loud And Clear By Every Military Family In America

Source: Youtube

Good leaders lead from the front. Something Trump knows intuitively and Hillary never could grasp.

Can you imagine if Hillary had won and we faced a crisis that called for leadership? No one would believe her and worse, she wouldn’t believe herself such is her every word scripted and focus grouped to death.

That type of leadership does not instill faith because we are not stupid and know that even the best laid plans have screw-ups and it is what you do at that moment – how flexible, how smart, how good you are, but most importantly whether or not people believe you that will determine the result.

No one believes a word Hillary says so even if she won she would never have been able to lead. We got lucky with Trump because Hillary probably beats any of the other GOP candidates. Real lucky.

Another critical component of leadership is letting your actions do the talking, not your big mouth.

Hollywood, nor Hillary ever learned that lesson and it shows. All talk, no action.

Just like the lousy NFL players, who have ignored the wise words of Charles Barkley and Shaq to put their money where their mouths are, and continued their flag protesting ways yesterday.

But not all of the NFL is doomed. There are leaders out there like Tom Brady. Who made his momma proud with what he did before his big game yesterday.

While other NFL players loudly took a knee, look what Tom Brady quietly did.

Accroding to 27sports, Brady and teammates – active Navy member Joe Cardona, Matthew Slater, and Chris Hogan invited and donated tickets for 200 military members to the big game against Atlanta last night.

Then Brady and Hogan met them on the field and gave them a proper greeting.

What a difference huh? If you think NFL players should start acting more like Tom Brady and less like Colin Kaepernick share this everywhere.


  1. I will give him cudos for what Brady just did. On the other hand I am still appalled that Brady would not take any responsibility on deflategate.

    • I agree on both accounts.
      Anyone who has played football, including the refs, can feel a deflated ball.
      So why didn’t the refs take a 2 min T.O. & make them air up the balls ???
      End of problem. Tom didn’t own up, but neither did the coaches or refs, who absolutely knew !

  2. Thank you Tom Brady for standing up for our flag, country and military. Let’s hope the starts a positive trend around the NFL.


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