Trump Beats The Pope! What Trump Just Did Will Have Him FUMING


Donald Trump just accomplished something huge — and all he had to do was take down the pope in the process.

His latest accomplishment comes after an odd rivalry between the two giants. Trump’s feud with the pontiff was EASILY one of the most bizarre moments in the already bizarre 2016 race. The men mostly sparred about immigration, and the battles were often instigated by his Holiness.

Conservative Christians were then forced to choose. Do they support the leader of their party? Or the leader of their religion?

If support is measured in the number of Twitter followers, Trump took the lead this week. According to Fox News, Trump’s 40 million Twitter followers just surpassed the number enjoyed by Pope Francis.

If Trump cares about the number of followers he has on social media — and we know he does — this news is big. By surpassing the Pope, Trump has become the most-followed leader in the entire world.

Not bad, considering the number of Catholics easily dwarfs the number of American citizens.

Are you rooting for one man over the other? Sound off in the comments and SHARE to get both men’s numbers even HIGHER.

This could be a friendly rivalry that’s fun to watch!


  1. The Pope needs to stay out of politics and stick to matters of the church. I hate to say it, but he belongs to Obummer and Sorass

  2. I agree that the POPE needs to stay out of Politics. The Pope should remain neutral but he is a hypocrite. Pope says Open Borders yet the Vatican has levels of Walls around it. He wants us to take in more refugees vetted or not but he doesn’t take into consideration what the Refugees have done to Europe and that it is up to American people not him. He believes in NO NRA or Gun control . But the Pope has body guards a plenty and armed ones too. It is foolish to measure popularity over # of twitters but plenty to side with President Trump. I am catholic.

  3. Go President Trump: We are with you. May our Lord Richley Bless You as You Serve This Great Country The United States Of America.

  4. The Pope has no business getting into the US business. He should be praising the actions of our President who brings God back to the White House. The Pope is not our leader. He is the leader of the Catholic Church. I am a Catholic.

  5. I am not a Catholic, but still usually have the utmost respect for whoever the POPE
    is!!! However the newest Pope seems more “Anti – GOD & Liberal” than I’ve ever seen
    in my life!!! Some of the recent statements made by the POPE seem way out of line with Biblical Teachings!!! So I would be more for President Trump than the POPE!!!

  6. In my heart I follow the man who is doing great things for my America that totally effect me and my family my friends and my fellow Americans,My President believes in the bible only because hes a Christian, Not like the pope who also believes in the Islamic Quaran he says we should not build a fence to keep illegals out of our country but yet he has one…

  7. I am a catholic as are my family and my late husbands. This pope is disgusting. He is a socialist from Argentina and when he was young he belong to the Nazi Youth Group in Argentina. Sorry he had no business becoming a pope. He has come out for gays and also abortions. Are Catholics losing their minds. He has business telling Catholics in USA what to do about their country and laws. He reminds me of previous popes centuries before. There were many who were crooks, even murderers and even married ones and so on. He belongs in that category.

  8. Yes, I support President Trump! The pope has opened his arms to satan and has embraced him – not a good thing to do!!

  9. There are many things that are questionable about this Pope. I think our President is as religious as this pope is.

  10. I certainly SUPPORT PRESIDENT TRUMP…He is a business man and the U.S. GOVERNMENT IS ONE of the largest business in the world! Most of us pay taxes to support our Great Again Nation and you can’t have a bunch of immigrants who have payed NOTHING into the pot collect welfare with will amount to more than all of us can put in! That robs us who are working hard to keep our country a float! It also robs our Children, grandchildren and Great Grand Children protection from aggressors and enough money left to raise their families! As for the POPE he seems to me like a phony and it makes me 1/2 mad when he sticks his nose into our USA affairs! I don’t think that he is doing the Catholic Church any good either!

  11. He is a hypocrite. He needs to stick to religion and let our president protect our earthly bodies.I think the Catholic people would do much better with a new Pope.

  12. The poop is a big time socialist so what goes on here in America is none of his business. This poop is a fool thinking himself a Worlds leader. WRONG.

  13. The pope needs to keep his mouth shut when it comes to American politics. His opponents mean absolutely nothing to the American people. We the people voted in the person we want to run this country. The pope needs to worry about how much his comments hurt the catholic religion this man is a complete moron and needs to keep his liberal views to his self! I think his time would be more appropriate worrying about all the pedophile preist that the Vatican and Rome are hiding throughout the world and turn them in to the police. Just remember that all the money that the Vatican has is donated money and is not meant to hide pedophile preist you have alot more to worry about in the catholic church’s that will keep you out of the spotlight and actually get much needed changes in the catholic church’s.Then maybe you will see that America will run it self with the people we actually elected.


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