Trump Goes on Hannity, Drops 5 MASTERFUL WORDS on Colin Kaepernick He’ll Never Forget

Source: YouTube

Donald Trump doesn’t mess around, nor does he mince words. He doesn’t have to.

He is the current president of the United States of America; the most powerful man who has ever existed.

When 45 talks, people listen. If they don’t, they wind up looking like complete and utter fools!

To all those liberals out there who think Trump is dumb, well, you’re right. The man is dumb like a fox, always one step ahead.

Take this recent statement, for example, where Trump tells the NFL exactly what should’ve happened with Colin Kaepernick, the player who started all the anthem kneeling disrespect: “The NFL should have suspended him for one game and he would never have done it again.”

Trump added: “They could have then suspended him for two games and they could have suspended him again if he did it a third time, for the season, and you would never have had a problem.”

Suspend Kaepernick for one game, and he’ll never kneel again. Smart.

Trump knew exactly what he was doing when he said this. Why? Because NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will take notice, and he will listen.

Goodell tried to get owners to change the nathem rule to require players to stand for the national anthem, but that attempt was ultimately recently foiled.

The point is, Trump will win. He always does.

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  1. To late to save football it went to long to may bridge broken there is no way to save now. To much hate has been felt on both sides no middle ground anymore to work with

  2. President Trump is absolutely correct.. Goodell didn’t have the brains or the b…. to do it… So now he has a complete disaster on his hands because of his incompetence…


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