Trump Just Showed Up In DC, And Immediately Everyone Noticed One New Thing On Him


The press has been constantly going after our President. It’s so sad. It’s not rad, but reporters have now noticed something amazing about our President now.

Sources are now saying that it’s the happiest they have seen him since the “election.” God bless him. This man is like Moses as he parts the petty press in this video below. WATCH BELOW.

Trump deserves to feel good. He’s worked his butt off to make the economy killer. The stock Market has increased by 5.2 Trillion dollars since the election. It has also reached the lowest unemployment rates in 16 years, according to Trump.

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He deserves it.


    • God bless the President! He deserves happiness for all he’s been putting up with. I hope he sees how many of us still are behind him! I feel very blessed to have President Trump, and safe. God has given us a strong man to get America back as it should be. He loves us all but, his love for our military is what I find to be wonderful! I will vote for him in 2020 as will my family! God bless America and our President and Vice President and their families and keep them safe & strong against the devil and his followers!

  1. Go Trump go you and Melania are the two People in this Country who just showing up anywhere bring Hope and a glimpse of the New Country you are doing for all of us. Congrats!! Your both a breath of Fresh Air to Americans we trust in you and have Faith that you will always do right by us. Thank You for all do and all your put through just for us. God Bless be Safe Always.

  2. God Bless You Mr. President and Melania (our beautiful First and Gracious Lady).
    Thank you both for The Enormous and Overwhelming Efforts you have made for us Deplorables
    and Our Great Country. We are So Grateful to God for Blessing us All, with you Both.
    Prayers continue everyday for your patience and sense of humor, when most things aren’t funny.

    • Agree with Margaret on all that we appreciate in OUR PRESiDENT, but please join me in ny daily thanks daily prayer.
      Heavenly Father, we thank you for giving us Donald Trump for a leader and for keeping him and his loved ones safe. We also thank you for making Hillary’s fearful melt down rant of: “we’ll all be swinging from the gallows if that f…ing b…..d wins” a prophecy, not just the frightened wail of a traitor who knows she is guilty of high treason and crimes against humanity and knows the penalty she and all the other traitors deserve, when she realized that she might lose and everyone of them be held accountable for their crimes! AMEN

  3. President Trump, I’ve been saying a very special prayer for you , your family, your staff. That you will hear from God directly or indirectly but that you will know that what your doing is good and not be swayed by democrats any longer. I hope the Lord reached you. If not yet, He wants to so you must give Him 10 minutes of complete alone time where you meditate on Him and His word.If you will do this, trusting that He will speaknto you than He will. Your the most important man our country has had lead us, doing the right things when its needed to be done. You have succeeded the most important duties in history. Why havent you fainted yet? Because God sent you to lead His children out of the land being held by the moslems and every hate group known to man. They are still here BUT you have liquidated them by thousands at a time. Thank you for your honesty, your integrety and willingness to fight for us 24 hours a day. Unknown by the average man, but your not average. God bless you and Melania and Baron and the rest of the Trump Team.

  4. Does anyone notice the leftists’ lackluster and pathetic attempts to badmouth Pres. Trump? There isn’t much fodder. They are trying their feeble attempts, but a newly recharged Pres. Trump has emerged. Beware liberals, Pres. Trump’s campaign promises are coming to fruition! That’s in spite of the media, the liberals and the Rinos. There is a greater sense of pride amongst the citizens. Go Trump – MAGA! This is Bob’s wife.

  5. GO TRUMP GO. Maybe he’s happy because I noticed Melania had a bit of a belly. Not saying that she is pg but who knows? Maybe having these Church Services at the WH is giving him some peace.n

  6. The stock Market has increased by 5.2 Trillion dollars since the election. It has also reached the lowest unemployment rates in 16 years, GO TRUMP GO!!

  7. GO TRUMP GO!!! Have you noticed that the haters are down to saying the same things over and over!! why? cause they have run out of nasty thing to say. we’ve heard it all, to no avail !!!! just a bunch of dead hate crap all made up by the lying left, who lives on lies!!! now we need to get rid of that leftist hate plant Mueller that’s nothing but a Clinton socialist, hater, that can’t find a thing, but spend our tax money and hire hard left scum bag. that it seems, are all involved in the uranium collusion sale with Russia!!! a clear conflict of interest!!! they all should be arrested, then lined up in front of a wall, and shot!!! with out a blind fold!! lets see how brave they really are facing there reward for treason??? the real collusion with Russia to hack the election, was between the democrats and Putin!!! but he double crossed them!! and did nothing, or nothing that really mattered. but he sure as hell took the uranium and millions in cash. then kept it. that’s why the dem’s are all so hateful toward the Russians. what else are they going to do?? go to the American people and say, hey the Russians ripped us off!! after we paid them to hack the election for Hillary Clinton and they double crossed us!!! of course they can’t do that. so what to they do? try to blame shift it onto Trump, that’s right it was all Trump. sure it was you socialist fools, go to hell!!!! GO TRUMP GO!!!!! LOCK THEM ALL UP!!!!! pending execution for treason!!! cause that’s what they are. oh and while your at it get ol Hanoi Jane she’s been loose to long, no statutes of limitations on treason!!!! GO TRUMP GO!!!!!!!

  8. OBVIOUSLY our President doesn’t speak “DOUBLE-SPEAK” or “POLI-SPEAK”, but simply TRUTH! AND, as well, he does what he promises to do!

    The WALL is going up…the economy is balancing, the jobs are increasing, the enemies are beginning to really fear us again, AND, our International friends, (In Brexit, Austria, Germany, and now Czechoslovakia) have heard & elected the “People’s Parties” instead of the “Corporate & Globalist Organizations”, {who are losing their strength, control, & power…SOMETHING they HATE to do}!

    “We the People…”; NEED to UTTERLY denounce, & stop listening to the lying & perverse Media & DemocRATS! AND! “WE the People…”; NEED to reject the “RINOS” who are traitorous & “within our Gates”!

    Let’s THROW them OUT of our Party, AND Government! Let’s VOTE TRUMP again & his “TRUMPETERS” IN, this next voting cycle! AND! Let’s STAND STRONG against the threats of the LEFTISTS, SOCIALISTS, and COMMUNISTS!

    AND! IF NEEDS BE, LETS meet the violent in our streets with a counter punch that sends them scattering, as did a few vets & firemen in “San FranSICKO” {as Dr. Savage coined it}…IF those who prefer violence try something this Nov. 4th, Let’s go out and MEET THEM with the INTENT of simply encouraging them to speak TRUTH, (instead of the PROPAGANDA LIES they’ve been taught); AND!

    IF they attack us, LET’S teach them a lesson about “TRUE FREEDOM”… {In TEXAS, we have TRUE FREEDOM, and “OPEN CARRY” AND “CONCEALED CARRY”as well…So the children of violence tend NOT to challenge the CHILDREN of GOD here, because they KNOW that we WILL NOT allow their violence to go unpunished}!

    And, hopefully, the Police will support us, & arrest the violent fools, BEFORE we have to “clean their clocks”… with OUR Glocks!

    It’s time that the lying, deceitful minority of pathetically ignorant fools, are brought to pay for their dangerous & violent manners, attitudes, and lack of moral standards!

    While we MOST ASSUREDLY SHOULD NOT, and DO NOT chose violent action, (since we’re knowledgeable enough to carry on an intelligent debate without violence); none-the-less, we WILL STOP any violence that is attempted against our peaceful, BUT PREpared gathering…Let the violent BEWARE!

    This will NOT be “BERKELEY 2.0″… This WILL BE “FREEDOM & TRUTH” 2017! BEWARE!

    “And ye shall know the TRUTH and the TRUTH shall make you FREE!”{St. John 8:32}

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