TWO People Commit Suicide At Obamas’ New Home. See Why INSIDE

Source: Youtube, BBC

Congratulations are due for the Obamas. They’ve found a new home — and it’s not the White House!

After being evicted from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue last January, the Obamas have been on the hunt for a new permanent home. Their latest find, however, has a dark past, according to Fox News.

TWO people have killed themselves there in the last 30 years.

The first suicide at the NYC home occurred on July 22nd, 1988. On that day, Anderson Cooper’s brother, Cooper Carter, lept to his death off a 14th-floor balcony. For months before his suicide, Cooper was said to be “acting strangely.”

The second suicide happened in the same fashion just a few months ago. In April 2017, Ney York socialite Jean Stein took a similar leap to her death. She was reportedly suffering from depression. She severed her leg and landed on an 8th-floor terrace in the process.

With the Obamas moving in, the death-rate will likely rise. No, not because living with the insufferable former commander-in-chief will be exhausting — though it will — but because the ENTIRE BUILDING has a long history with people killing people.

Other than these suicides, the building housed Frances Schreuder, who was arrested for conspiring to kill her husband, wealthy Utah businessman Franklin Bradshaw.

Here’s hoping the Obamas have a happy marriage and lots of security — because the building seems to be a magnet of homicide and suicide.

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  1. Yes, please move in. Maybe it’ll rub off. Obama’s happy marriage? How many times has she threatened dicpvorce? How many vacations have they taken separately? How many times have they been heard screaming at other? Happy? I don’t think so.

  2. Where is my post? The Obama’s must have paid Liberty Writers good money to delete it. Maybe the writers have not read the Bible where it says that the love of money is the root of all evil.

  3. Nobody really cares where you live, Obama. You seem to have no shame about the WH. You won the election and I wished you had NOT won……but you’re sore loser that has an inflated ego. If you had any pride at all, you’d move on. But you have no pride. I wish you could see yourself as others do. I’m sure President Trump doesn’t give you a second thought most of the time.

    • He did not WIN the election because he is not constitutionally eligible for that office… unless an amendment had been made to the Constitution before the 2008 election giving natural born citizen status to the son of a British subject. He usurped the Oval Office with the aid and abettmen of our government without question of his constitutional eligibility even though they questioned John McCain.

      Ever wonder why?

  4. Why are the Obamas in the news daily & their picture everywhere? I thought we voted them out. I for one am sick of their faces

  5. Anderson Cooper is a Vanderbilt. That home must be costing a petty penny. Wonder where it all came from? He wasn’t a millionaire when he entered the White House.

  6. If the place is known for bad luck, then by all means, the Obama charade should move in post haste! First will come the definitive photo of Mikey with razor stubble and his candy in clear view; next will come Barry on his knees before his old sugar daddy and fellow traitor George Soros. May they each follow the path of the suicides straight to the pavement and straight to Hell.


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