UNPRECEDENTED: What This Dem Just Hit Trump With In Articles of Impeachment Will FIRE HIM UP

Source: Youtube, Huff Post

Unprecedented…in its stupidity!

Al Green is at it again.  He’s tried it before, it got nowhere.  So now he’s trying it again.  On Wednesday, he introduced articles of impeachment against Trump.

Watch this (if you can stomach it):

(Courtesy of C-SPAN via Youtube.com)

Interestingly,  the GOP presiding officer moved to begin the process to consider the resolution less than an hour later.  But Green wasn’t there! He botched it, so his impeachment efforts against Trump won’t get  an imminent vote.

It’s all a bunch of empty drama, ya’ll.  In fact, his articles said this, that Trump “is fueling an alt-right hate machine” that’s “causing immediate injury to American society.”

Ridiculous!  We all know it’s the MEDIA that is twisting Trump’s words to make it appear that Trump is racist, etc.  When nothing could be farther from the facts and actual words he has spoken.

Green also said this in his articles: Trump has “undermined the integrity of his office” and “brought disrepute on the presidency.”

Not even his fellow Dems agree that there is anything to impeach Trump over.  For example, Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) recently said “I don’t want to vote on impeachment. I think it’s too early. We don’t have the evidence; we don’t have the case.”

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[H/T The Hill]

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  1. Bull…….President Trump is not a racist. He has proved it over and over through the years. Green is just wasting everyone’s time.

    He is the racist and is causing problems and division.

  2. this once again prove that congress is not a ligitmate part of our government any more. it time that we took action and it does not matter what the party is. these people in their arrogance are damaging this country. they have gotten a mentallity of entilitment into thier minds and are using it to dictate to the american people . they believe that they have the right to tell us, instead of listening to us. they have forsaken thier oathes of office which is thier promise of service to the people. they are on a rampage of hysterical governing, we have put up with that for eight years. they have produced nothing but garbage, they have failed to protect this country and have worked to activily bring it down. they have deluted the citizenship of the country. and worked to usurp the authourity of the people. the only thing that these people are interested in is making noise they passed obamacare knowing that it would fail. and have done nothing to fix it. or get rid of it. they have done nothing to fix the medical enviroment of the country. and millions of people are suffering, they have interfered and lied about the efforts of the president. not in an effort to do the right thing but in and effort to mislead the american people. it does not matter to them if he is doing good for the country, all they are working at is to creat divison. anger confusion and violence. it time to get rid of them re call and impeach thiese people and replace them with people who care about the people of this nation.

  3. This ass says he speaks for the American people-oh hell no he don’t! Obama divided this country, Obama ran this country into the ground and used our social security as a personal bank account! So Mr. Green- take a hike!

  4. How someone like Al Green got voted into office is beyond me. Who voted him such idiots into Congress? More & more it tells us thinking citizens that a good percentage of Congress are idiots that have lost common sense.

  5. Smart man is Nadler. His associates such pay heed. The impeachers want to try to impeach someone for they THINK is on his mind even if it is never articulated. I haven’t read anything in the constitution that says you punish a person because you think you know how he is thinking!!

  6. Where on this planet do they find these uneducated morons?? My dog is smarter than this clown…
    He needs to be locked up in a padded room, he isn’t playing with a full deck, it is idiots like him that do things like shoot Republicans in a ball park….

  7. Can we impeach these dumba$$ Dem. Reps and Senators based on hate speech, false narratives and just outright too stupid to hold their position? Rep. Al Green has time and again had these hateful rhetoric speeches that say absolutely nothing. What specifically is an (or any) impeachable offense – NOTHING. Al Green and Maxine Waters, et al need to go. This is Bob’s wife.

  8. Why do they even give him the floor? He’s obviously got the right titles/offences but on the WRONG POTUS! Give him a sensitive and lock him in the psych ward.

  9. Al Green? I thought his girlfriend threw a pot of hot grits on him while he was in the tub. 🙂

    Wrong Al Green? Sounds like it could have been the same guy though, doesn’t it?


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