IT WORKED: After Last Week Protests, SNL Just Did Something NOBODY Thought They Every Would

Source: SNL

In case y’all were wondering if all that protesting of crappy liberal TV shows works, now we know IT DOES!

Last week Saturday Night Live decided to NOT make jokes about Sex Offender Harvey Weinstein because they were all friends. Not anymore! Thanks to all of you folks out there, this weekend they finally broke down and attacked their boss’s best friend.

Now, now, we have the video to watch, but I wanna give y’all a heads up first. They only make fun of Weinstein for about 2 seconds, mildly, before turning their attention to…you guessed it…PRESIDENT TRUMP!

But wait, there is more. The show was so moved by how y’all responded to their defense of the Sexual Predator, they went on the attack AGAIN.

They adid another skit, throwing a bit more shade at Harvey Weinstein, where they had a panel of pretend actresses talking about their experiences being harassed by “Weinstein and other producers.”

Well, at least it’s a start. Still, there is no erasing the moment after last week’s SNL cast party when the Owner of the show, Lorne Michaels, told a reporter on camera that he would not attack Weinstein because “it’s a New York thing.”

The Liberals may love to hide behind their double standards but we can stop them. Help share this out and show everyone we can beat them at their own game.


  1. Never watch, they are a bunch of idiots,no respect for themselves or anyone else,when you can’t be funny without pulling down somebody else character,then you are no comic.

  2. This show has been irrelevant for many years. Don’t waste your time watching bad comedians performing bad skits in front of a bad audience. It’s like they live in a vacuum and don’t see what the heart of America is screaming at them. California also. Their arrogance is only surpassed by their immorality and stupidity. Without New York and California, this country would be the America that our founders fought for. Babylon East and Babylon West is where all the immorality comes from and it seems that the farther they fall, the further they want to fall and they want to bring the rest of us with them. I guess it’s true that misery loves company. Just hang on tightly to Christ and the enemy has no chance.


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