Young Black Girl Walked Up To Mike Pence, What He Did Next Made The Entire Room SCREAM


Vice President Mike Pence traveled to Las Vegas to respect the victims and honor the heroes after the deadly mass shooting. He called the shooter “pure evil.”

The most amazing thing happened when he left the stage, though. This young girl walked up to him and did something incredible. This is something that the media will absolutely not show you.

Watch what happens next… (Photo by Paris Wade)

Watch this. Mike Pence wrapped her in a big hug!

(Photo by Paris Wade)

We have a wonderful Vice President we have. It’s so sad that the modern day media can’t ever show this side of our Vice President.

(Photo by Paris Wade)

He also gave a marvelous speech.

“On Sunday night, Las Vegas came face to face with pure evil,” Pence said during brief remarks at the Las Vegas City Wide Unity Prayer Walk. “But no evil, no act of violence will ever diminish the strength and goodness of the American people.”

Fifty-eight people were killed and 500 were injured. It was a very sad day in Ls Vegas.

“The Bible tells us that the Lord is close to the broken-hearted and this will be our prayer for all of you,” Pence, accompanied by his wife, said. “We do mourn with those who mourn and grieve with those who grieve. But we do not grieve like those who have no hope. Because heroes give us hope.”

Share this video everywhere to show the soft, sensitive side of our Vice President. We need to get this out because the mainstream media certainly won’t.



  1. Mike Pense is a good man. Our President in 2024 and for the next 8 years with The Donald as VP. Would that not be a hoot.

    • Maybe Donald Jr. as VP, but President Trump will be too old by 2024 and besides after all th crap he has to ut u[p with every day, he needs a well deserved rest.

      • Too old?? I ‘d like to see you keep up with Donald Trump for two days. Many people would just love to see The Donald “rest” but it ain’t gonna happen. So, get used to it. People live longer and better these days. – or haven’t you heard?

  2. Great post. The media has been brain washed as a lot of our original citizens.
    That’s what Obama’s friend said and that is what he and the rest of his dark liberal group did. They hit us first in education. Liberal, Liberal teachers.And most of the teachers vote democrat.

  3. Yes we are blessed with our President and Vice President and their beautiful wives. They care about our people but of course the picture of vp Pence and the little girl he hugged will never be on the news.

  4. I am so proud of V. P. Mike Pence, and his wife, Karen. They are such warm people, who speak of the comfort that speaking God’s Word can bring. He did not fail to honor the heroes of the Las Vegas shooting. The people who did their best to protect others from being shot, and some suffered being shot themselves. The police officers, the FBI, and all the first responders who did CPR, who carried the injured to the hospital, and those who just offered comfort to those grieving the loss of their loved ones. Like President Trump, Mike Pence is the best President and Vice President we have had in many years. They show their love and concern in every tragic event that happens. God bless them all.

  5. I give all the praise to God for the wonderful leadership we have in the White House! While recognizing their humanity and thus their imperfection, I also recognize their calling! They were chosen by God and will be protected by Him! And those who recognize this will pray for them!

    • Perfectly defines them! Thank you. I also believe God meant for Trump/Pence to be His warriors to reverse the harm done by 8 years of pure evil in our government. The Swamp stretches from local level to national and must be eradicated by us all. We citizens need to be very careful, vet everyone we vote for from bottom to top and get America back on God’s path!

    • I agree exactly. I may ave to stop listening to the radio station that my radio has been set on for years because several of the talk show hosts pick on every tidbit they can find to down talk the administration. And they seldom find anything good to say about the administration

  6. There is that racist Pence giving that child a hug and I think that racist Trump has done similar hugs. If that is racism to the Democrats and Liberals, I would hate to see real racism.

  7. He showed something NO LIBERAL will ever show for they have NONE and that is CLASS. The type of CLASS that transcends every thing that separates people. LIBERALS that is all they know how to do divide and stir up HATE. Even after this very very tragic EVIL act when the Nation should come to gether to find such evil and wipe it out LIBEEALS were saying things like these people are Trump supporters or Republicans and don’t deserve pity or help. There was a Democrat who said that these Victims of HATE did not even deserve a minute of silence because of their beliefs even though their politics are unknown. Other LIBERALS used this EVIL ACT as a way to STEAL from everyone they don’t like or agree with a right granted by the same CONSTITUTION that gives them the right be and express their COMPLETE IGNORANCE and UTTER SHEER STUPIDITY. So what America’s VP PENCE said and did are NEVER going to get the RESPECT or attention it deserves from the MORON MEDIA since it does not fit the Why their LIBERAL bosses want and so their LAP DOGS the Media won’t report it.

  8. Why the hell did she have to be characterized as a young black girl? I saw a picture of her and only saw her as a young girl !! Her skin color has no bearing on this story!!! Please stop trying to use race to sensationalize a story!!!

  9. Vice President Pence is a rare individual indeed. He’s a good, God-loving, people loving man. We don’t realize how blessed we are to have him as our VP. He’s make a wonderful President when the time comes. Thank you, Mr. Pence and God Bless You and your sweet wife, Karen.

  10. Mike Pence and his wife are a real blessing to our country, so thankful to have them in our government and our country. It is a nice feeling to know that they can be trusted and that they give a ray of hope and honesty to our country.

  11. VP Pence is a wonderful Christian man and I am so happy he is our Vice President. He is great support to President Trump.

  12. Thewonderful comments should give theDummo’s heartburn but they are so myopic.Voter want cooperation.If it doesn’t happen vote more Repubs in and marginalize the Dummo’s.That Yahoo down in Florida should be voted out and a sensible Candidate should replace her.Yes Pence for President in2024.

  13. VP Pence is truly a a good Christian man, and i know that God smiles on him and his family every day. I also know that God looks after and smiles on President Trumps and his family every
    day, also..


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