AMERICAN HERO: Local Plumber Revealed As Man Who Fired Shot That Killed Texas Church Gunman

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Yesterday tragic Church shooting could have been worse if it were not for a local plumber and avid biker turned instant American hero.

According to the Daily Mail, Stephen Willeford, 55, is the man that shot the cowardly atheist Texas church gunman.

And his story is incredible. He attends a different church in town and was at home when his daughter called him to tell him someone was shooting up a church.

Without hesitation, this man who had no military training but is considered a crack shot by friends, grabbed his gun and ran towards the massacre.

He engaged the murderer and calmly took aim at a spot between his body armor and fired.

He landed a lethal blow that caused the killer to jump to drop his gun and jump in his vehicle, according to reports with a hostage, and sped off.

Willeford saw a Johnnie Langendorff in his car and told him what happened and Johnnie said get in and they sped off in pursuit of the killer.

They weaved through traffic at speeds of up to 95 mph when the killer slumped in his SUV and veered off the road.

Posted by Stephen Willeford on Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Willeford got out with gun drawn as the hostage ran away and made sure that son of a bitch was shot dead. And he was.

Willeford ran towards the tragedy and fired the shot that took down the monster and then followed him until he was no longer a threat and for that he (and Johnnie) is a true American hero.

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