April Ryan Asks Sarah Sanders About Slavery, Sarah Gives Her Brutal Lesson In US History

Source: White House

Sarah Huckabee Sanders does not suffer fools. Although she has to put up with them on a daily basis. Because her job is to deal with the foaming at the mouth White House press corps.

And she beats them back every day with elegance and class. Like today.

When April Ryan would not take no for an answer and kept pestering and pestering Sarah Sanders with the same line of questions she tried yesterday.

About slavery and by inference she was calling Trump a racist. Or wanted to and was just waiting for the chance.

According to the Gateway Pundit, Ryan started asking Sara Sanders about “compromise as it related to slavery and the civil war” to go after Kelly and Trump for past comments.

An annoyed Sarah shot back that she will not relitigate the Civil War.

That wasn’t enough for Ryan who then rudely interjected,

“Does this administration believe that slavery is wrong?” asked Ryan. Which is what she wanted to ask the whole time.

Sanders had had enough and crushed the hapless Ryan with, “I think it is disgusting and absurd to suggest that anyone inside of this building would support slavery.”

This line of questioning that Ryan has been using to portray Trump and his administration as racists it is getting old.

Because to say we shouldn’t tear down Washington’s monument because he lived during a time when slavery was accepted is not the same as saying slavery is ok.

To say the Civil War happened for a variety of reasons, including slavery, is not the same as saying slavery is ok.

What it says is we move through history together, as one country, we learn from our mistakes as move forward. Why can’t April Ryan?


  1. It is disgusting the way that woman keeps harping on the same thing. She has never been a slave and most likely no one in her family has ever been. I for one do my dead level best not to use the N-word, but she seems to personify what people that use the word are describing.

  2. Love Sarah Sanders!! She sets them Allll straight!! I’m personally SICK of the never ending “race card” that blacks use over and over. Get the hell over it. None of my family had slaves. I’m of Irish decent, Irish were treated worse than blacks were,you don’t see me with my hand out or whining!! Grow up and get a JOB!!!!

    • Way to go, Lynn. I’m of German descent and my folks didn’t come here till AFTER the Civil War so of course they had no slaves. And the Germans who were here then were AGAINST slavery. And the blacks have had opportunities to better themselves for over 50+ years with free education and a lot of other freebies that whites don’t get. A lot have done so, but there are others who think they are entitled to “reparations.” I don’t think so!!!!!!! Like you I think they need to get a job.

  3. Sarah Huckelberry is the same clown that said we should not question a Marine General even though he is caught lying.
    A lie is a lie except in Trump’s world. Jesus – it really IS 1984.

  4. “Re-litigate the Civil War” really? In 2017 our current administration is arguing about the validity of the Civil War? Trump administration do better! This is not why American elected you!

  5. Because, Ms Ryan, BO did so much to help us with race relations…….he could have left a legacy, but instead he just widened the gap. How sad she didn’t encourage him to step up and foster unity.


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