After Arriving In China Trump Looked Into Camera And Everyone Saw SCARY Thing Behind Him


Huge news and it’s hot off the presses. Trump is doing something scary big right now as people sleep. The creepy media will never talk about what you are about to see.

I’m serious. Trump arrived in Beijing on Wednesday and received a dinner inside the Forbidden City, according to Daily News. Check out the amazing video below. This is going to go down in history. You see that scary big, red door behind Trump in the video below. Wait till you see what it means.

Trump is the first President that has been given a state dinner at the Forbidden City. Trump isn’t the first U.S. president to be given a state dinner at the Forbidden city.

The Chinese are going all out to impress our President because they need to work with him. They need to work together to take out the threat that is North Korea.

“Now some people might call him the king,” Trump said about Xi last month.

It looks like he’s getting the king’s welcome now. Share this if you are so proud of our President. Look at how the Chinese treat him. Way better than Obama that’s for sure.


  1. No doubt in my mind that President Donald J. Trump will go down as the greatest POTUS in U.S. history! Go, President Donald J. Trump! All other living POTUSes are as jealous as can be! Neeeaaaaah! Carter, Bush the Elder, Clinton, Bush the Younger, and Obama are all losers and are jealous little fools.

  2. “Trump is the first President that has been given a state dinner at the Forbidden City. ”
    Followed by
    “Trump isn’t the first U.S. president to be given a state dinner at the Forbidden city.”

    Which is it? And who cares really?

  3. I am 68 and have seen presidents with the Chinese before but I have never seen the Chinese act like that to any other President.

    • Douglas I have you by 11 years, and President Trump is the best received President in ever country he has visited that I have seen. Speaking of overall receptions. Maybe a few countries have gone all out for another due to special events, but considering all Countries he is the best in my lifetime.

  4. LOL when all you start spending the Yen then what? Hitler Trump is selling America down the drain and you all are falling for it. We’ll see how much you praise him when you have no money.

    • I normally don’t respond to your liberal trolls but guess what Leroy you caught me on one of those days. Frankly I am sick of you whining azz libs that cannot get over the fact that President Trump simply beat and better yet outplayed your entire sick azz party. Time will prove that Obama was one of the worst presidents in our history and yes Leroy until June 2016 I use to vote democratic! I suggest you do your own research and boy howdy would you be surprised & shocked as I was! The next several weeks will display just how far ahead of you & your “likes” this President has been all along. Just remember Uranium one, Haiti both the country and the countless children from there that have disappeared & PEDOGATE!! It’s all going to come to the surface soon and both your Dems and the Rhinos are running flat out scared!! GOD BLESS THE USA AND PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!!!

  5. Which iscorrect??

    Trump is the first President that has been given a state dinner at the Forbidden City. Trump isn’t the first U.S. president to be given a state dinner at the Forbidden city.

    Both can not be right.

  6. As embarrassing as he is, some folks are still supporting Trump. He is a man whom some men will not trust with their “wives”, but will trust with their “lives”. Herein lies the “crossroads”. Sad.

    • I continue to support him. If you were attempting to be clever, you did not succeed. Nothing sad about this Presidency except the liberals and alleged republicans who will not get behind him.

    • Hey, Henry…Take your TDS somewhere..go and join the antifa protest maybe. Have you looked at the liberals embarrassing acts and lunacy lately? Trust their wives? Hello, Bill Clinton, best buddy of Weinstein, and the rest of them. Some folks? The 63 millions supporters have multiplied..Pres Trump is making America tough again. Keep on feeling sad, and mad.

    • Henry C That’s because most men know he is a great president and they really don’t worry about their wives…he has got all of their wives beat and they know that. He don’t have to look any farther when he has the best. President Trump doesn’t settle for less!

  7. Allen Johnson!!! I agree with you!!! President Trump is doing so much for our country with NO support from Washington!!! The Courage this great man has!!! He needs our prayers to continue on!!!!and make America Great again!!!

  8. This proud Aussie has been behind Mr Trump since the day that he nominated, because I and many others of my ilk could see that THE WEST was succumbing to islam and the One World Order. Mr Trump is in the throes of making America great again, along with making its Allies so much more secure.

  9. President Trump is the first real leader we have had for a long time. Groups that require great leadership recognize this in the President. These groups are the Military, the Police, Border Patrol all recognize a great leadership skills in the President.
    If you don’t recognize this man as a great leader you are kidding yourself.

  10. Little food for thought – Trump built the bank Jakob Rothshield (in the Forbidden City) resides in – Does this mean anything?
    I still support my (our) President – we pray daily for him, his Administration & family (along w/our country) & without any doubt the Lord is Sovereign & has His hand on our President!
    The Lord raised him (Trump) up in such a time as this & believe he’d have no problem seeking the Lord’s advice!



  11. For all the trolls that want to try to take our President down, just remember, it was Obama and Clinton that sold 20% of our urainium to Russia and collected hundreds of millions of dollars diverted to the Clinton Crime family!!! President Trump would never do anything like that!!!


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