Breakdown, BREAKOUT: Texas Shooter Had SHOCKING Experience In Mental Hospital Before Shooting


New details have just emerged about Devin Kelly’s past, and the revelation is SHOCKING.

It also proves why liberals are FLAT WRONG on the second amendment.

In the aftermath of Sunday’s horrific church shooting, the left immediately launched into a push for draconian gun control legislation. Meanwhile, conservatives renewed calls for mental health reform. Now, thanks to this revelation about the shooter’s past, we now know which approach would have worked.

According to KPRC Houston, the gunman ESCAPED FROM A MENTAL HOSPITAL before the attacks.

The incident report, filed by the El Paso Police Department, states Kelley was picked up at a bus terminal in downtown El Paso before midnight on the evening of June 7, 2012. The report states two officers were dispatched to the terminal to look into a missing-person report.

When they arrived, the two officers learned Kelley had escaped from Peak Behavioral Health Services, a mental health facility in Santa Teresa, New Mexico, that has a dedicated unit for service members and veterans.

The right have been calling for improvements to veterans care and mental health for years. Had those reforms been allowed, this deranged individual may have gotten the treatment he required

Instead, the mental health system let him ESCAPE. Five years later, he shot and killed 26 people inside a small Texas church.

Oh, and the person who finally stopped him was an NRA instructor.

We NEED mental health reform and we NEED our second amendment rights. BOTH protect us from tragedies such as these — and both are opposed by the left.

Comment “he’s sick” and SHARE so that everyone sees the TRUTH behind this tragedy.

Action is required, just not the kind the left wants.


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