As Chinese Rolled Out Red Carpet For President Trump, Melania Stole Show With Outfit (Video)

Source: Youtube

President Trump arrived to a hero’s welcome from the Chinese. The red carpet was literally rolled out for Donald and Melania Trump.

A military honor guard met them as the plane arrived and some very excited kids lined his motorcade route to give him a proper send-off from the airport.

Compare that to what happened to Obama when he last visited China. The Chinese left him hanging on the runway. Forget about the red carpet, they didn’t even provide the stairs to get off the plane. Seriously.

The Trump’s moved on to get a rare honor from the Chinese. A first ever for an American president – a state dinner in the Forbidden Kingdom.

According to the South China Morning Post,

“Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said the “state visit-plus red-carpet welcome” was in “return for the warm, considerate reception and the high standard and thoughtful arrangement the Trumps made for Xi and his wife Peng Liyuan in Florida in April.””

Chinese officials went on to say that the two leaders have a good relationship, much better than with Obama, and they looked forward to a close working relationship with Trump.

But despite the red carpet, it was Melania Trump, as usual, who stole the show.

Her grace, elegance, and class were on full display and literally took the breath away from the gathered Chinese.

And she looked great as usual and stunned everyone with her keen eye for fashion at the Peking Opera.

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  1. This is the first time I could be really proud of the First Couple since Ronald and Nancy Reagan. Keep doing the great work you are doing Donald and Melania Trump! We support you all the way!

  2. The Chinese like any Communist Country respect Power…President Trump Radiates that in Spades..
    And then there is the First Lady, talk about Class..
    These two folks do our Country Proud.
    The President is a Business man of the first order, and these folks are aware of it, and like he said, His Country The United States Comes First, as each leaders country should..They understand what he is saying..Business negotiations will be tough but fair…
    War costs a lot of money, with trade you make money, even Communists like money…

  3. Melania – a daughter of a small farmer in a Slovenian village – is showing a class that was a stranger in the Clinton couple.


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