Church Shooter Devin Kelly’s Religion Was Just Leaked and It Is HORRIFYING


US officials have confirmed that the gunman behind the mass shooting is Devin Patrick Kelly. He is the one that gunned down at least 26 people and wounded at least 30 at a church in Sutherland Springs.

He posted the following on social media a couple days ago.

He is allegedly an atheist and liked many atheist pages on Facebook. 



According to Paul Joseph Watson and, Devin Kelly followed a ton of atheist pages and subscribed to them.

This is an atheist killing.

Devin Kelly’s FB page is a Godless maniac. He has the face of one.

The picture includes an Antifa flag and there is no proof that Devin Kelly is in any way connected to Antifa – despite many false reports to the contrary. 

This is horrible. We need to get this out now before the mainstream media buries and tries to turn him into a Christian. This guy was as evil as they come.

Help share this everywhere to fight the narrative and let’s say a prayer for the victims. They will need it tonight.

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    • You are 100% correct and these liberal news media channels need to be shut down now! They tell nothing but lies and bring racial tension and Division and they are also the cause of the 500 that was shot in Las Vegas! We have mentally unstable people out there that believe their lies.

  1. if he was an atheist then why did he go into the church? and the causes he cared about was Human Rights not so he shot them and if he cared about children they go to church also..this don’t add up

    • First of all, we need to establish exactly what ‘atheism’ is, and that is the rejection of ‘any’ god and/or ‘gods’ that are being claimed to be real (Ra, Zeus, Odin, Allah, Yahweh etc). The fact that an ‘all-powerful, universe creating god’ requires a ‘human’ to act and speak for it/them, only creates the illusion that they don’t actually exist at all, and that they are merely fictional fairytale characters for religious fairytale stories invented back during the bronze age. The god of the bible is depicted as a being that spoke to human beings (Abraham, Moses, Saul, Paul, etc), and yet ‘today’, the only means of proof is someone (alone) saw god’s face on toast, or worst, heard a voice in their heads, telling them to kill another, because it was the will of god that all sinners should be judged.
      The burden of proof doesn’t fall on the unbeliever, nor does it fall on the ‘believer’, who only passed on the same ‘circular logic’ that has been taught from generation to generation. No. The burden of proof falls on the gods ‘themselves’ to prove that they actually exist. Otherwise, it is only the ‘religion’ and the zealots who follow that religion that exists. I will not follow something that is told to me by another human being as fact, nor would I expect ‘others’ to follow ‘my’ point of view, without research and intense study of ‘ALL’ religions of the world- past to present.

      Understand, that ‘this woman’ felt the need to kill another, simply because that person was a ‘atheist’, and that ‘god’ give her the right to do so….is she ‘insane’?

  2. Voncile Fullwood’s comments make no logical sense, although, to Voncile, the comments may be logical. The final three words were: “this don’t add up.” That is a BIG clue by reason of the poor grammar.

  3. He was not an atheist. He was a Devil Worshipper. Only Satan tells people to hate and kill others. Neither God nor Atheists believe in that. If your religious leader instructs you to hate and kill he is a Priest of Satan.

  4. So sad, do we pray for this guy? It is written that we should but how do we handle this?I am very confused just what do we do about mean people. Who shot him?


    • You are a fool to blame guns. Guns don’t kill people do. We have over 80 Million gun owners and if the owning of guns were the problem there wouldn’t be any one left alive. 2014, the latest year we have complete statistics, we had 248 people killed by assualt rifles. That is pale in comparison to the 100’s of Thousands of babies Murdered every year by abortions!
      If you take the horns off the antelope and leave him defenseless, is that going to stop or prevent the leopard from killing him? The cities in the U.S. with the toughest gun caontrol laws, have the highest gun deaths. These high numbers rose after the gun control laws not before! When you outlaw guns, only outlaws have them and believe you me the criminals don’t want no part of a man who has a gun, he prefers a victim who is helpless and harmless. If guns are outlawed and taken away, then men are “subjects”! Men who are armed are “Citizens” !

    • These maniacs, no, wrong word. these demons are world wide. In other countries they use bombs, knives vehicles, anything that will suit their purpose. Don’t be so naive to think that abolishing the right to bear arms would make this world any better. It would just make it easier for the evil ones to take over completely. In fact, if you read about what is going on with Antifa, BLM and the progressive Liberals you will find that the destruction of our Constitution is number one on their agenda. Our problem is that we still don’t want to face the evil in this world and we need to start, right now, to protect ourselves, our families and our neighbors against the ones who are out to destroy us and our way of life.

    • Tom… don’t be an idiot. We don’t “love guns” more than people. In fact…if a handful of those Churchgoers had had guns on them, someone might could have saved many of the lives that were lost. It’s NOT the gun which is evil, my friend.

    • Don’t feel sorry for us. Owning a gun is our security. They use these types of guns because this is the type of gun that our military uses. We have a right to protect ourselves. It is in our constitution that we have the right to bare arms. It doesn’t matter if whether we gave up our arms evil people will find a way to get them. Then where would we be?

  6. Prayers for all the people that were injured or killed at the Church in Texas. May God wrap his arms around all of you to help you get through such Tragedy. By an evil man. My thoughts and prayers to all of you. GodBless.

  7. No one will ever know who or how someone will snap? They always seem my try and sensationalize criminal’s with gun’s? To further their agenda if gun control. It’s worse now because of Trump being pro gun. So the sicko’s are out making sure to put an emphasis on gun control! Sympathy and Prayers go out to the victim’s of these sick people. With a dyslexic view of how normal life is or what America is about? I’m starting to see they are stepping up their agenda to increase pressure to enact of take away our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms.In which this country was built on! Also a lesson learned by securing our Independence from the British. Like invading your home and beating you to death or making you disappear. Excessive tax and no representation etc.. This is America. If you’re against gun you’re not American and you see a treasonous fool! I’m writing this because some anti-gun jerk will be jumping on the anti gun band wagon again! They always do! They use these tragedies to further their agenda of gun control! It’s in poor taste and not the time for a discussion of gun control! I know I’m doing the same thing. That’s because I know they will jump on this s opportunity to do so? If someone in that church was a conceal carry permit person? Maybe? There wouldn’t be so many dead because they couldn’t defend themselves. That’s my opinion and I’m sticking with it!

    • I agree…2nd amendment is set up for Americans to protect ourselves even from our own government.
      Removing our protection from others who wish us dead is as wrong. LIBERALS and UN SHOULD leave us aloneour church has preformed. Drills just for this purpose. Thank you my brothers and sisters in Christ in my church!

    • They disarmed Europe and see the results,Here in Brasil they liked to do the same,bud not withe good results.Europeans can not defend him self anymore.Here i don’t known.Ammonution is hard to com by.

  8. I ahree with Phil above. Already Obama, Democrat Sen. Blumenthal who lied and said he was in Vietnam War, a no honor dude and Democrat Gabby Gifford already stirring the caldron. James Woods replied correctly to Obama re his bid for gun control. To paraphrase “why dpn’t you tell ypur boss Soros to stop funding antifa”, which this sicko was in addition to being an athiest.

  9. Americans need guns for protection against the radical groups the democratic party make up. I’ve never owned a gun in life, but that needs to change. To me that is a sad fact, but the police are being told to stand down when antifa, or blm want to act up, I will protect myself! And advise everyone else to do the same. I believe we are headed for war here in the states. We also need to get out of the UN and forbid them on our soil!

  10. Everyone needs to listen up and start taking these anti-American groups seriously. If you are going to be in a crowd go protected. These people aren’t crazy they are evil. There is the difference. I am a Christian and the bible states very clearly that these terrible times will come and it will be world wide and it is. Don’t stick your head in the sand thinking all this will go away. It won’t. It will steadily get worse until.

  11. How will prayers help those people? Weren’t they in there actually in the act of praying already? Isn’t that why people go to church? Why will the Lord somehow care about prayers now, and didn’t seem to much care about the prayers they were saying then when they were gunned down by this psychopath?

    Praying is the most useless form of aid and assistance these people can be offered.

  12. Awe, there’s not enough hair dye in the world to make you Arian looking enough. Best writer? Thanks! I needed the laugh!

  13. Voncile Fullwood: He went into the church to kill his in-laws, but they werent there that day I heard. I believe he wS a Devil Worshipper as well.

  14. Hey Tom, You had better wake up and smell the roses. If guns are taken away from Patriotic Americans, only nut cases like this one will have the guns. They simply will not abide with the law and turn in their guns. Just think how many of the 26 killed in this senseless killing could have survived if just one of the people in the church had a gun. It looks like we will see more people carry guns to church now. Such a shame.
    I place a lot of the blame on Libs like Obama and others who preach such stupidity. They don’t have a clue about how to ebb this tide of hatred in this country. Hopefully as the SWAMP is drained in Washington things will get back to some normalcy. PLEASE, EVERYONE, PRAY FOR OUR NATION.

  15. All of you religitards are the reason people do these kinds of things. Religion is a hate crime in itself. Atheists are not “Satan worshippers.” They don’t believe in Satan just as much as they don’t believe in God. Are you forgetting that Satan was a fallen angel? Wake up and educate yourselves. Get your noses out of that horrible work of fiction you call a buybull and open your eyes to the real issues of this world. *shakes head*

  16. Guys, guys. Atheist means nothing. He went in there to kill his mother-in-law. He already had been convicted of assaulting his wife and stepson. He was thrown out of the Air Force because of it. This was nothing mores than an ahole with three guns committing an act of domestic violence and taking anyone else in the area with out remorse.

  17. Don’t even bring religion into it. Atheist Christian or Jew. It’s not important. He was part of an organized group of people and misinformed about alot.


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