Day After News Of Air Force Failure, FBI Admits MASSIVE Hold-Up In Texas Shooter Investigation


FBI officials conceded during a press conference on Tuesday that as of yet, they’ve been unable to break into Texas shooter Devin Kelley’s cell phone, according to Fox News.

It’s been 48 hours since Kelley entered First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, TX and killed 26 people before fleeing the scene and dying from a bullet wound in his vehicle some miles away.

“Unfortunately at this point in time we are unable to get in that phone,” FBI special agent Christopher Combs said on Tuesday. “With the advance of the technology and the phones and the encryptions, law enforcement, whether it’s at the state, local, or the federal level is increasingly not able to get into these phones.”

Combs did not go into details about the type of phone the shooter had used, for fear that someone might try to procure it themselves.

He added that nevertheless, the FBI is working very hard to gain entrance into the device and hopes they’ll be successful sometime soon.

Here’s a clip:

The disappointing news seems to be piling on the Texas shooting investigation, as it was revealed on Monday that the Air Force’s failure to submit Kelley’s criminal records to the federal government allowed him to purchase weapons—actions he should’ve been prohibited from following a 2012 domestic violence conviction.


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