Don Lemon Just SPIT On Graves Of Those That Died In Texas, What He Said Will Ruin His Career


On Monday, Don Lemon opened up his show and argued that “thoughts and prayers” weren’t enough on Sunday when 26 people were slaughtered in Sutherland Springs, TX.

Lemon said that faith without works is dead. Watch the disgusting video below.

Here’s what Lemon said: “Thoughts and prayers didn’t stop a troubled person from buying assault grade weapons that took the lives of 26 people in an instant. And please don’t get me wrong. This is not at all about the Second Amendment or taking guns out of the hands of responsible gun owners.”

Share this if you think Lemon needs to shut his stupid trap and stop insulting those that are praying for the recovery of those in Sutherland.

Let’s send Lemon a message by showing him how many prayer warriors there are out there. Get this out everywhere and let’s send some positive energy to those in Texas. God bless Texas.


  1. The victims were in prayer at the time. God was listening at the time. God is in charge, and yet we do not like the outcome of this action. Maybe we do not understand the need for the disaster like this, or the Houston Hurricane, or the Florida hurricane, or Puerto Rico and it’s disaster. God understands the need for this, and we do not. He has the long view of history, and we need to continue to pray and believe as there are so many who do not see truth and focus on the tragedy and not the good. The gentleman reacting in barefeet and stopping the criminal is a hero we should appreciate. The first responders and neighbors who go and help are heroes. Let us not be blinded by disaster to the good that is done.

  2. he’s tired of the thoughts and prayers not working, but he doesn’t realize God is listening to them and will deal with evil when he is ready. (His will be done) he is prodding politicians to confiscate guns, which will in my opinion open the gates of evil to do even more killing. we need more people carrying concealed even at church so when evil comes we can deal with it.

  3. The guns and rifles did not take those people’s lives. The one guy did. . It’s the people we have to go after. God bless the victems. RIP

  4. I don’t know this man’s political affiliations and I don’t care. I think this man was extremely cautious in what he was saying because he knew he would get crucified the opposing political media. He is saying law makers need to earn their salaries and come up with a solution that does not violate our second amendment. He believes in prayer and supports it, but we have law makers who could make it harder to get guns. I don’t know, maybe have a national physician’s register that lists those receiving mental health care. Maybe a national register of those receiving anger management care. Between the medical, legal, military, and schools we surely can come up with a better history of the person attempting to purchase a gun. As far as limiting the type of guns available, this needs to be discussed. We have to be realistic in whatever is decided. I think we all realize it’s the mentally ill person who is the danger here. Most of these shooters kill themselves afterwards. The lawmakers need to increase the penalty on sex crimes, especially against children. I think this man made a heart felt statement that was sincere in saying he is sick of the shootings and wants to prevent more from occurring. His walking out was disrespectful, however he is new in his position and did explain why he did it. Let’s not be so quick to crucify others. It gets us nowhere and makes the media look like it’s just trying to stir the already bubbling pot between conservatives and liberals. ❤️


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