Donna Brazile Just Made An Accusation Against Obama That’s WAY Worse Than Hillary’s DNC Rigging

Source: Youtube, CNN

Donna Brazile’s new book, “Hacks: The Inside Story of the Break-ins and Breakdowns That Put Donald Trump in the White House,” already uncovered shocking accusations of primary rigging at the hand of Hillary Clinton. Now she’s making a second accusation against BARACK OBAMA.

The Daily Caller received a copy of the book and published the following excerpt:

We had three Democratic parties: The party of Barack Obama, the party of Hillary Clinton, and this weak little vestige of a party led by [Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz] that was doing a very poor job getting people who were not president elected.

Brazile then explained how “the party of Barack Obama” absolutely ruined the Democrat party and left it for dead — essentially CAUSING the rigging in the first place.

Obama “used the party to provide for political expenses like gifts to donors, and political travel,” Brazile explains. Meanwhile, Obama “never [saw] himself as connected to the party.” He raised plenty of money for his own campaign but never gave back to the DNC.

“This was not working to strengthen the party,” she said. “He left it in debt.”

That debt is what forced the party to turn to the Clintons — they needed the Clintons’ cash. In return, the Clinton campaign demanded outsized control of the organization that allowed them to rig the primary against Bernie Sanders.

So, yes, the primary was RIGGED — and the reason it was rigged was because of Barack Obama’s egocentric selfishness.

He left the party dead broke because he was so focused on himself that he used the party’s money but only raised funds for himself.

He’s just as crooked as the woman he chose to succeed him.

Comment “Crooked Obama” and SHARE if you think the ENTIRE Democrat machine is corrupt!

While the media is focused on fake Russia scandals, REAL scandals are being uncovered in the DNC.



    • God bless Donna Brazile for exposing some of the rancid underbelly of the hussein/hitlery reign of hatred and pure evil..
      We have some hope that their corrupt criminal lying disgusting cover ups will be totally exposed for all to see…

    • Yes, I smelled it the first time I saw this man. Donald Trump has the same God given instinct. Watch and see, his instincts are right, they just need to be proven.

  1. I can’t really believe they are eating one another and that one of them is actually finally telling the truth we have seen for ourselves for SO LONG. she is telling nothing new. This has been obvious about these people all along. That she is revealing it is just another reveal of itself own.. They are loyal to none but self.. in the end.. We MUST hold firm.. to save this Nation from these evil evil people.. PRAY FOR OUR NATION!

    • Leroy–You do not know what you are talking about. The Democrats have totally ruined their party–just ask Donna Brazille.

    • Leroy Mosley, please tell us what and how the Republican party could do worse, LOL? I guess you do not have an understanding of what has been going on with your party, or, to quote you, “You’ll never admit that.”

    • All I can said about your comment Leroy is that you must be blind as a bat and deaf as a post! Either that or you are pulling the trick the Dems brainwashed all of you to do and that is “blame the Republicans for what we do ourselves.” Or both! You’re wasting your time and effort. We’re on to that little scheme and have been for years.

      As you find names and dates start in the last 40 years> JFK, and the Kennedy brothers including Teddy. Then Bill Clinton. Recent reports that Harvey Weinstein gave Bill money to pay legal fees iN his sexual harassment court costs for Monica Lewinsky. Paul Jones cost him over $500,000. About the same amount the Russians paid him for his speech so Hillary could sell 20% of our Uranium. DRAIN THE SWAMP.

      • Obama gave Brazil 20 million to off shore drill, he knew the Chinese already had a Contract with them. China buys all of Brazil oil. What kind of a deal did Obama make for us to take the Dreamers? Thousands of illegals came through Mexico and Mexico gave them a 10 day pass to our borders. I am glad our Law Enforcement and BP can do their job. We need the Wall.

        • Obama gave Brazil 20 million to off shore drill, he knew the Chinese already had a Contract with them. China buys all of Brazil oil. What happened to the MONEY?
          What kind of a deal did Obama make for us to take the Dreamers? Thousands of illegals came through Mexico and Mexico gave them a 10 day pass to our borders. I am glad our Law Enforcement and BP can do their job. We need the Wall.

    • I am joining you in prayer, Sharon. We, as the Body of Christ, must be in prayer and in repentance for all the years the Church ignored the needs of this nation. Christians in both parties should be in prayer. While the Democratic Party looks worse at this time, the Republicans are just as guilty! They have ignored their constituents and done what those in higher positions of authority have demanded! Many are acting as demanded by blackmailers who have often entrapped them in illegal dealings.

      God is revealing all the dirt, and asking that we lead those we know into lives of repentance and prayer.

      Pray for revival in our land … and PRAY FOR THE PEACE OF JERUSALEM !!!

    • Lisbeth Noelle Rothe: Trump is doing so much better, than Obama who never did anything for America…He only cared about himself and he is still a very selfish jerk….Glad that Hillary didn’t become President, she would had followed Obama’s dangerous path…

  2. Does this surprise anyone about Obama? He has done nothing but use other peoples money all of his life. Did anyone really think that he became a multi-millionaire off from one book? He did nothing but aggregate money for himself while in the White House and spending our money lavishly on himself and his family. He was a huckster from the beginning. The apple never falls far from the tree.

  3. She is right the election was rigged. You can call crooked Hossain Obama, I agree with Mrs. Brasile . I would like to read the book and see the content. So far it seems she has something to say.

  4. The Democratic Party has been corrupt for many, many years. They have been cheating on elections for over 50 years because someone within the party said that. I know one thing going forward – we will always have to go back and check election results because it is a given that Democrats will have dead people, illegals and anyone else they can think of to vote.

    • No one can deny this very fact. But I strongly believe that as from the Kennedy era they have got worse and worse each time they made it to the WH. Carter was a useless fellos, good for nothing.
      But Bill-boy, was certainly worse still…..and Obummer simply cannot be measured……..he has certainly crossed all lines posible. Hopefully Mr. Trump, in spite of all the trash in the swamp, I most sincerely wish and hope he’ll finally end up draining. The US realy needs this to happen. I know it will not be easy, but everybody must help in achieving all the changes needed. I pray you will, and the sooner the better. I am not born nor raised in the USA, but I admire, love and respect your country and for these reasons I hope you are on the right track!!!!! GOD SAVE AMERICA!!!

  5. Larry Mosley, Republicans have done far “worst” you say, but please be more specific in what you believe they have done that is far “worst”.

  6. The Democrats are like the Dallas Cowboys If there a way to lose the Democrats will find a way to do it. Hell has no fury than a women’s scorned

  7. The Government didn’t do much vetting on Obama and his family. I didn’t like his CHANGE! I wouldn’t have voted for Obama. I would vote for Carson. I like him. Watching him and he is good. Go TRUMP.

  8. Every thing Obama has touched he has ruined it and has tried to destroy the America that we knew years ago. He has tried to turn this country into a third world country with no means of growing except for the rich and famous, who he stole money from all over to support his off shore bank accounts, which the DOJ will not look into. Didn’t like Donna Brazile but I believe that she is telling the truth for she has seen so much corruption within the Democratic Party and they aren’t stopping and will continue to try to shake down the American people.

  9. As a retiree I know for a fact that if I had anything close to this I would have been incarcerated. CAN THESE ASS HATS PLEASE BE PUT IN F’NG JAIL!!!!!

  10. Should have known he was not really connected with by some of his asinine pre-nomination statements. He was too full of him as the savior to the world by wreaking the country. He was also full of it…

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