Even Trump Stunned By Horrific Thing Hollywood Hotshot Just Said To Mock Texas Church Victims

Source: Youtube, CBS

Hollywood has just set a shocking new low. No one thought they could get any lower, no one thought it humanly possible, but they just did it.

Trump is a master at putting Hollywood in his place and is never slow with a comeback and you just know that even Trump had to take a minute to let what this jerk said sink in.

It’s that bad.

Actor Michael McKean, famous for his roles in ‘Spinal Tap’ and ‘Best in Show’ just mocked the the Texas church victims in the vilest way imaginable.

Really, he mocked the innocent and devastated victims of the Texas tragedy proving he has no morals.

That a morally bankrupt culture is producing morally bankrupt stars should not come as a surprise but his words are shocking nonetheless.

The left has been mocking Christians online for showing support and offering prayers for the victims.

That is low. But you can leave it to Hollywood to go even lower and they did not disappoint.

Paul Ryan tweeted out his condolences and asked America to send their prayers to the hurting victims.

Nothing wrong with that unless you are a Hollywood hotshot like McKean. Who tweeted out in response:

They had the prayers shot out of them? If this is not Hollywood hitting rock bottom than I don’t know what is. Share if you agree.

H/T Daily Wire


  1. What an absolute vile and ugly thing to say. He best remember, what comes around, goes around!! This only proves to me that Hollywood is totally out of touch with the average “joe”. They all live in a bubble with no care in the world…..makes me sick!!

  2. It is really unfortunate that some of the really good actor and actress have to be associated with sum like this Demi god who thinks like much of the rest of them i.e. Rosie, whoopi, George c and all the rest that A,Erica will tolerate their bull. Well that is an easy fix don’t goo see their movies, don’t watch the award shows turn your backs on them the same way they have turn their backs on America.

  3. Here’s a verse from the Bible which is probably a unknown concept to you….What you reap, shall you sow! In Hollywood terminology think of it this way…….What goes around comes around! You make a joke out of 28 innocent people having their lives taken in a brutal way……….like it or not that’s some bad mojo, which you probably believe in more than the Bible! I don’t know who you have in your life that you truly care for, but buddy you better start praying yourself for the safety’s of your loved ones! God can punish the wicked if he wants too!

  4. Boycott all of Hollywood! They are so shallow, unstable, egocentric, hateful & so full of themselves! Every time they say something that isn’t written & rehearsed, they show how little they are! My sympathies to all affected by this vile action & RIP to all those that lost their lives. Heaven indeed gained lots of new angels.

  5. These Hollywood morally bankrupt idiots forget one Absolute, and that is that one day soon they will have to face a “Just God” on their final Judgement Day!
    Is your name in the “Book of Life” that surely will be opened on that day?

  6. #alllivesmatter .. This is an assault on all Christians. His heartless remarks have signaled an end to his failing career. May God bless the victims a families of Sutherland Springs, Texas. May God continue to bless The United States of America the best hope for FREEDOM in this world.


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