George Clooney Stuns Liberals, Gives Jaw Dropping Compliment To President Trump

Source: Youtube, ET

Well this was unexpected. Hollywood is so anti-Trump they don’t even know why anymore.

Like Pavlov’s dog, ring the bell by saying Trump’s name and the left comes running all full of phony outrage.

Easily programmed the left is, and that is one reason, among many, that they have no power left in America.

A leaderless party never rises and make no mistake the Democrats are leaderless.

At least according to George Clooney. George just admitted the truth about Trump and in the process gave him the ultimate compliment.

Clooney doesn’t think the Democrats have any leader close to Trump in class and ability and he thinks they will lose the 2020 election to Trump in they can’t find one quick.

Clooney gave an exclusive interview with The UK Times and stunned liberals across America with what he confessed about Trump.

The left is used to Clooney bashing Trump. They take perverse pleasure in watching it. But he disappointed them this time.

Maybe the huge flop that is his new movie smacked some sense into him?

“We don’t have a good Democratic candidate yet. Trump, for all his terrible instincts, is very charismatic. A TV star. People didn’t vote for him because he accomplished anything. They knew him. And they were, like, he’s exciting. He says outlandish stuff. That’s fun. He’s got a star on Hollywood Boulevard.”

Clooney went on to say the leaderless Democrats are in a tough spot with none of their potential candidates making an impact.

“Do the Democrats need a celebrity? “Not necessarily,” Clooney said before adding, “But you need someone who can light up the room.”

Like Trump does.

Look the Democrats are out of good ideas and have no more lies to run on so it will be hard for any candidate to overcome those flaws.

Let alone beat someone as accomplished as President Trump. Share if you agree.

H/T Washington Times


  1. The dems do not want a white male as POTUS..They want another black person male or female. A black woman running for POTUS would make them all go out of their minds just like what happened with Barry Soetoro. They want to be the party of firsts.

  2. Mr. Clooney, you are an idiot. We did not vote for President Trump because he was exciting and lights up a room. We voted for him because he was not political and has enough backbone and business acumen to Make America Great again! Wake up and smell the coffee for pete’s sake!

  3. Still a Hollywood buffoon who thinks celebs are God’s gift. He thinks Trump supporters voted for him because he’s a celeb and has a star on the Hollywood walk? We voted for him in spite of that.

  4. Well there you have it folks. No one protesting Trump’s Presidency can even grasp how it happened. Like idiot Clooney here, they say it’s because “we knew Trump and he’s exciting. He says outlandish stuff. That’s fun. He’s got a star on Hollywood Boulevard.” These people simply cannot fathom the truth which is, we voted for Trump because he spoke with our collective voice. He is just a man, an American citizen who has his eyes open and who’s heart is bleeding for his country. Trump speaks for “We the People”. He restored our faith that this country can be great again. People like Clooney who have reaped massive rewards off of the benefits this country provides has no idea what his kind have done to this country. Clooney himself has spent millions pushing a habitual criminal towards the most powerful seat in the world and he see’s no wrong in his judgement. After decades of “inmates running the prison” we have finally had enough. It took entirely to long for us to reach this point but here we are today, standing strong and demanding justice for this country and we elected Trump to fight for us and help us heal. No matter whether or not he wins in 2020, he has already been a champion for us. He woke us up and gave us hope. People like Clooney, those who have had their hands deep into destroying this country could never understand why we have come together with one voice. They believed this country was already great because those spoiled people were getting everything their corrupt hearts desired at the expense of American sweat, tears and lives. God please keep President Trump, Vice President Pence and their families safe from the wrath of these frightened democrats and liberals who wish to obtain or maintain their power.

  5. Trump captured the presidency, because he promised to take a wrecking ball to the establishment. That’s why I voted for him. He promised to build a wall that wasn’t being built. He promised to put Americans first, which wasn’t happening. He exposed the media as the liars they are, which wasn’t happening. Trump was saying what your average Amerrican was thinking and saying.

    It had nothing to do with being a star, but simply tapping into a movement.

    • YES, and I LOVE to go back to that lovely red carpet that rolled out over our country in November 2016, the map BY COUNTIES. Everybody should take another look at it! May it happen again in 2020.

  6. And as long as the Dems continue to be so stupid, they will not win many elections. They will be doubling down on identity politics (and Americans have already shown that they don’t like it) and will be as dirty and low-down as usual (Americans don’t like that either). If the Judge Moore thing is any example (it is already falling apart) they will be pulling out all the stops in being utterly immoral–accusing Republicans of all kinds of things. It was no particular feat to win in New Jersey or Virginia–they are blue states. They will not be so lucky next year.

  7. Well well well…ain’t that special. Helllllloloooooooooo you spineless democrats, you will never get it . Okay so loony cloony said something real but he isn’t smart enough to see the big picture…little play on words there. All these gollywood actor’s are not going to realize that they are more than half the problem in America. I don’t won’t watch loony cloony or pretty much all the bull gollywood actor’s and they are only stars in their eyes.

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