Obama called For Gun Control After Church Massacre, So James Woods SUCKER Punched Him


James Woods is the best and had the perfect response to Obama politicizing the Texas church shooting.

“We grieve with all the families in Sutherland Springs harmed by this act of hatred, and we’ll stand with the survivors as they recover…May God also grant all of us the wisdom to ask what concrete steps we can take to reduce the violence and weaponry in our midst.”

Via Twitter

Woods called on Obama’s boss to immediately stop funding Antifa. Boom Checkmate. Obama drama stopped cold.

Via Twitter

“Ask your boss  to stop financing terrorism?,” tweeted Woods.

We do not know the motive of the Texas shooter Devin Kelly. He is allegedly an atheist as proven by Liberty Writers earlier.

James Woods nailed the issue on the head though.

Here were his affiliations on Facebook via Paul Joseph Watson.


  1. Why can’t Obama just fade away….he is no longer our President (Thank God )! His opinion just does not count anymore!!

  2. There is nothing Obama would like more than to take our guns away. Compare it to what the Natzi’s did to the Jews. The first thing they did to the Jews was to take their guns away, which left them totally unable to protect theirselves.

  3. Level the playing field and REMOVE ALL GUN FREE ZONE’S. These cowards only pick places where they know nobody can put up a fight. Remove the KILLING ZONES!! Tell oboma to STFU!!

    • With proper training from your local police department some Churches have given permission for concealed handgun carriers to pac at Church….you must register with your Church and the police dept.

      • The police have no say in whether or not we can carry weapons at church, no do they have any input. We most definitely DO NOT have to register with any police agency. You cannot make blanket statements like you did. It may, or may not be true in YOUR state, but it is not true in my state.

  4. obama doesn’t care about any of these victims or their families. Who does he think he’s kidding. Gun control???? Nope! obama and soros control who promote these lunatics and probably finance them.

  5. Obama is butt-hurt. He ran two terms and did everything he could to destroy this country. Every move he made was either illegal or immoral. By the time his second term was up he found out he wasn’t as popular in our minds as he was in his own so now today he is doing everything he can to undermine our current administration and cover his illegal tracks. This gun control crap is a major factor in achieving their beloved NWO. They KNOW they will have to disarm us to make that happen. I’m grateful to people like James Woods who stand up and speak out against the machine that has taken hold of this country. People like Obama are not strong world leaders, they are cowards seeking power and a crown.

  6. Obama is the very reason these things are happening.He needs to get the Hell out of our Country. Yes he would love for every one to give up their guns so his bunch could kill every one. Why can’t someone do something to put him out and Soros.?This is where all the Evil is coming from.

  7. Its too bad the masses didnt read Rules for Radicals by communist Saul Alinsky before voting not once but TWICE for this pos obama. If they had read the steps to follow in order to accomplish the radical and fundamental transformation of our political and moral society as obama promised during his campaign, obamas numerous speeches would have been identified as coming right out of alinsky pro communist playbook, step by step. Sure the soros backed and financially supported radical libturds would have voted for him but many people were snookered by his charisma and race. Hoping voters woke up and do exhaustive research behind all who seek to be our commander in chief!

  8. Thank you Mr. Woods for taking a stand against Obama and his gun control crap. We need our Government to step up and prosecute this Traitor Obama.

  9. The anti-gun politicians,(“let no tragedy go to waste”) always start beating the drums for gun bans! They very conveniently omit the fact that the shooter was wounded, dropped his gun, and was driven off by AN ARMED CITIZEN!!!! Funny how the media ignores that part in their reporting.

  10. So many here are so on top of it. All one has to do is read Obama’s books and watch what he does. Don’t really listen to him as he’ll blow smoke up your butt. Very friendly and seemingly likeable, but devious. He even stated in an interview we were a racist power that needed to “come down.” I was stunned he said it biblically. It is in his books. Maybe some day the country will be as sick of him as they are of the Clintons.

  11. As some of the news reported, the shooter had been court martialed and dishonorably discharged from the Air Force. That places him as a convicted felon. Felons are not allowed to touch a firearm under current law. More gun control would be a waste of tax payers money. All the politicians involved need to get they’re butts back to work and accomplish something for a change.

  12. Thank you Mr. Woods you hit the nail square on the head disarm Americans, you will no longer have the power it takes to stay a free nation.


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